Scottsdale Bottle Girls Fail Miserably To Guess The Two Teams That Are In The Super Bowl

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This week is a huge week for the Phoenix, Arizona area. Sports fans from all over the world have descended on the area. The Waste Management Open is taking place in Scottsdale, running through Saturday, then on Sunday the Super Bowl is going down in Glendale.

Obviously, the flood of sports fans is good for businesses in the area. Bars and nightclubs are among the businesses that are setup to do very well. They have some big events setup for the incredible weekend of sports.

Bottle Girls Super Bowl
Bottle girls in Scottsdale have no idea who is in the Super Bowl (Image Credit: Taylor Nicole/TikTok)

One of those establishments is the Riot House Club located in Scottsdale. They have a lineup of performers set to run from Wednesday through Saturday. They’re promising on social media, “Big Game, Bigger Parties!”

The several nights of performers and parties leading up to the Super Bowl mean a lot of business for their employees, including their bottle girls. But that doesn’t mean the bottle girls have any clue who is participating in the game.

A bottle girl named Taylor Nicole decided to ask her fellow bottle girls who was playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday. Some of the answers are incredible.

There is everything from not knowing that the Super Bowl was happening this weekend to one bottle girl guessing that the “LA Lakers” were playing.

How Can They Not Know Who Is Playing?

The most shocking part of the Riot House Girl Gang’s lack of Super Bowl knowledge might be that they’ve been inviting their customers to watch games all season.

Not to mention that some of the bottle girls were involved in creating content for the “Big Game.”

Sure they’re not sitting there watching games, but you would think someone would have asked who was playing in the Super Bowl.

Bottle girls, at least the ones at this spot in Scottsdale, might be up there with Jeopardy! contestants with their lack of sports knowledge.

To be fair to the Jeopardy! contestants, most of them don’t have the Super Bowl taking place in their backyard. The lack of knowledge isn’t likely to hurt business.

The bottle girls might not know who is playing, but as long as the bottles arrive in a timely fashion they’re going to be just fine.

Written by Sean Joseph

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