Scottie Pippen Won’t Talk About Michael Jordan’s Son And Larsa Pippen’s Relationship

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“If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

That’s a lesson we all learned as children, and it’s one Scottie Pippen has taken to heart.

TMZ caught up with the former Chicago Bulls star in Beverly Hills to ask him how he felt about his ex-wife dating the son of his arch nemesis.

But Pippen didn’t answer. He just got in his Tesla and drove away.

Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa, 48, is dating Michael Jordan’s son Marcus, 32.

Scottie Pippen famously hates Michael Jordan, so one can imagine he’s not thrilled with his wife of 23 years suddenly sleeping with the heir to the Jordan fortune.

According to TMZ, their relationship “turned romantic” back in November, and the two have been hot and heavy ever since.

Just last week, Jordan and Ms. Pippen cozied up together on a massive yacht in Miami.

On Monday, Ms. Pippen posted a photo of the two of them together and captioned it, “To the moon and back.”

The comments on the post don’t disappoint. Most, of course, accused her of gold digging, while others pointed out the huge age gap between the two.

“Still crazy that you used to babysit him,” one user wrote.

“That’s your nephew,” another person chimed in.

“She watched him grow up. That’s sick. If the roles were reversed it’d be madness,” reads another comment.

Still, Larsa made it clear everyone approves of the relationship, including Marcus’ superstar father Michael.

Something tells me, though, she didn’t ask Scottie for his blessing.

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