Scottie Pippen Sounds Like The Angry Old Man As He Takes A Shot At LeBron

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Scottie Pippen turned 55 today and he used his special day to remind us that he’s turning into an angry old man. The 6-time champion made a statement to John Lynch with Business Insider that he didn’t want to take anything away from LeBron’s title this year, then proceeded to do exactly that.

Looks like Paul Piece finally has a running mate for chairman of the angry old men that can’t close the yearbook. Pippen fails to see that the message doesn’t open any eyes to his point of view, it just comes across as jealousy. Remember when Scottie told us LeBron was ahead of Jordan live on First Take? Don’t worry, we have the tapes:

What is going on with Pippen & Pierce?

Men ages 30-55 have started to show desperation to defend Michael Jordan and LeBron’s success is watering that message down. No success King James ever accomplishes should diminish how we feel about MJ, but his defenders believe it does. We should be able to enjoy Michael Jordan and LeBron James to celebrate their greatness absent of comparison. Basketball fans now treat the G.O.A.T argument like a Presidential debate.

Pippen came out to endorse candidate LeBron James last year and was hazed so bad on Twitter, he changed his mind. Scottie Pippen went far right supporting LeBron and was bullied into pivoting far left like Mitt Romney. There will never be any reason to watch LeBron or whoever’s next win to try and discount what they’re doing. The message is salty and these tears are delicious to fans of LeBron James.

Scottie wouldn’t bother addressing the matter if he didn’t know it was getting close. Pushing the narrative that Anthony Davis is the Shaq to a LeBron offense is not only wrong, but ineffective. Don’t remember hearing that Magic Johnson wasn’t “most important” to the Showtime Lakers when he didn’t lead the team in scoring. The man with the rock in his hands in the 4th quarter is the man and that’s who LeBron is. He was the man with his jumper over Kawhi in the 2013 finals and he will be in the 2020 finals.

LeBron of course was that guy closing out Denver in the Conference Finals, while Scottie Pippen sat on is hands. King James will average a triple-double in route to his fourth NBA title and nothing can be said to take that away. LeBron is sprinting to the mountaintop whether they like it or not.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Truth teller right there Mr. Pippen this years title is bogus they only played 3/4 of the season all kinds of time off to rest and heal up and lots of dudes opting out so yeah not the real deal. And Rick Mahorn and Bill Laimbeer and company wouldn’t have just stood around and watch the soft queen drive to the basket a price would have to been paid just ask Mr. 6-0 MJ

      • Bro you aren’t a journalist we can tell from the quality of your articles lol. You’re the fanboy of a watered down boring athlete who is barely respected by his own peers, no one dared talk about MJ the way LeBron is clowned by players of his age and want to know why? Because who has LeBron kept from eating at the championship table. Durant, Curry, Leonard, hell even Dirk all won titles during the “LeBron” era – and a watered down season where LeBron played second fiddle to the real star of the Lakers in AD doesn’t change that. A journalist doesn’t use his platform to so blatantly dk ride a player, he at leasts aims at being objective. I wonder how you got your job at outkick, was it them trying to show “balance” during these pc times, cuz it damn sure “aint” your talent bro – you sound like a frustrated LeBron fan lol.

  2. Gary, when you write about LeBron it is blatantly clear you’re a BIG fan. As a player his success speaks for itself, however (opposite from MJ) he decided to become political. You do realize that he broad brushes police as racists, has no comment when asked his opinion on police being shot, promotes a proven Marxist organization, and has no comment on the enormous human rights violations in Communist China. If you write a pro LeBron column it might be liked in L.A., but you’re going to be on the wrong side of a large number of Outkick VIPs.

  3. Guys, guys! I think it’s great that there’s a platform where we can interact with the author of an article, and it’s okay to disagree. Some media platforms would probably delete your reply if they didn’t agree with it. Anyways, Jordan over James forever and ever. James doesn’t have the heart. He’s fake. He’s a Twitter extremist and pot stirrer. I feel better now

  4. If Lebron had to play the Isaiah Thomas/Joe Dumars Pistons, the 90’s Knicks, or the friggin Malone/Stockton Utah Jazz for that matter, he’d be 0 for. The rules are completely different now. People can be as mad as they want to at Scottie, Mike, or anyone else who played during that era. Lebron couldn’t handle the physicality, much less the trash talk. He’s a perennial silver medalist, except when he teams up with other stars. Mike developed stars. There’s a difference. Think about it.

  5. Lebron never was and never will be the player MJ was. Have you ever thought that maybe the older crowd gets it because we actually saw both of them play the game? How old were you when MJ was winning NBA championships? As far as what Pippen said about this year’s championship he is not only 100% correct, what he said is 100% factual. I know Lebron wouldn’t understand it because he apparently doesn’t like facts.

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