Nebraska Fireworks Stand Uses Brilliant Pricing To Troll Scott Frost Over Losing Record As Head Coach

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Scott Frost’s tenure as head football coach at Nebraska did not go as he, the university, or the fanbase had hoped. And now a local fireworks stand is forced to sell products with the fired coach’s name attached, but it is doing so in the funniest way possible.

Bellino Fireworks ROASTED Scott Frost.

Frost, who once led the Cornhuskers to a national championship in 1997 by beating Peyton Manning’s Tennessee Vols in the Orange Bowl to go undefeated, was beloved in Lincoln. Although that is still the case today, his time on the other side of the game tarnished some of that reputation.

Mike Riley won just four games as head coach in 2017. Nebraska fired him shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, Frost had just gone 13-0 in his second year at UCF. The Knights beat Auburn in the Peach Bowl and claimed a national title.

There was so much buzz around what Frost had done in Orlando. There was no buzz around the future of Cornhuskers football. It wasn’t dead in the water, per se, but it was not showing many signs of life.

Bringing Frost in to coach at his alma mater couldn’t have made any more sense. Until it didn’t.

Nebraska gave Frost as much leash as it could. He just couldn’t get it right and never won more than five games in his first four years— including back-to-back three-win seasons in 2020 and 2021.

There were multiple opportunities for the pendulum to swing in the other direction, they just never came to fruition. Things were almost very different.

Almost is the key word there.

As soon as Frost went 1-2 with losses to Northwestern and Georgia Southern to begin the 2022 season, he was out. The Cornhuskers cut him loose.

Scott Frost finished with a final record of 16-31.

Bellino Fireworks is now using Frost’s record to sell product. It’s brilliant.

Bellino is the midwest’s largest fireworks retailer. It has over 200 locations in six states. 100 of them are in Nebraska.

Bellino’s Nebraska locations sell a product called ‘Frost Warning’ that is a direct reference to Scott Frost. The packaging even references the famous Blackshirts logo with the bones.

Frost is no longer with the Cornhuskers, but Bellino has excess ‘Frost Warning’ fireworks.

They are on sale for… $16.31. 16 wins, 31 losses.

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Here is how they look in the night sky:

Bellino’s price point is a beautiful, hilarious tribute to the coach that almost brought Nebraska back, but didn’t. $16.31 is too funny.

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