Scoring Props For Bears vs. Patriots

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Gambling on sports can be a very frustrating endeavor. It can be a ton of fun, and lucrative but it needs to be looked at as a side source of income for about 99% of bettors out there. My favorite thing about sports betting, and even fantasy sports when I was into that, is having a little extra incentive to watch or root for something to happen. I’m never advising to bet just because it is the only game on or anything, but we can still find a best bet for tonight’s game because quite frankly outside of sports betting there is no reason to watch it.

On offense, the Bears look like they are still in hibernation. A change in their coach has shown very little progress on that side of the ball as Justin Fields continues to not be able to make a real impact for them. They do have a decent combination of running backs with David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert, but this is a passing league. You aren’t going to win many games by turning and handing the ball off to someone. The Bears have always been a defense-first organization, and that still rings true with their team today. Their defense has been solid, allowing just 19.7 points per game. They look like they can stop most average teams, and lucky for them, that’s what the Patriots are, an average team.

The Patriots are set to have Mac Jones return under center tonight. Some people in New England were calling for Bailey Zappe to get another start after he led the Patriots to a 23-point victory over Cleveland with a 309-yard two-touchdown performance. Perhaps that provides some incentive for Jones to step up his game a bit in this one. The Patriots are also known for having strong defensive teams and this year they are doing their part, especially the past two weeks. I think the Bears are going to have a hard time trying to score on a team that has allowed just 18.8 points.

This isn’t necessarily a game that we will see like the Bears vs. Commanders, though it wouldn’t shock me to see limited touchdowns in the game. I don’t have a play on the total or the side. The total has been bet up to 40, and I think it probably goes under with a 20-13 victory for the Patriots, but that also shows you which team I’d lean towards for the spread (Bears +8.5). I don’t force bets and won’t bet either of them. What I am doing is taking the first score of the game to be a field goal at -105, and then also Away Field Goal as the first scoring play at +270, and Home Field Goal as the first scoring play at +265. As long as we get a field goal, we have a nice profit. If a touchdown happens first this all blows up. But, with two strong defenses, and two offenses that don’t have a ton of playmakers, I think this is the best bet on the board today.

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Written by David Troy

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