Scientists Have Named a New ‘Ass-Kicking’ Bacteria After Keanu Reeves

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Call it the John Wick of biology!

Scientists in Germany have named a newly discovered bacteria after actor Keanu Reeves because of its “deadly” fighting ways.

“Keanumycins,” is a fungus-killing bacterium that scientists believed was best represented by invoking the name of Reeves, who is most known for his kick-ass fighting ways in both The Matrix and John Wick.

“The lipopeptides [bacteria name] kill so efficiently that we named them after Keanu Reeves because he, too, is extremely deadly in his roles,” the study’s co-author Sebastian Götze said in a statement.

Talk about the ultimate brag.

Keanu literally has SCIENCE named after him. Even if he flops in every single movie from here on out, he’ll still have a damn bacteria named after him because he was such a bad-ass in the John Wick movies.

Gotta love it.

Keanu Reeves stars in John Wick 4 later this month.


Keanu was asked by a fan during a Reddit Q&A about the strange-but-true name honor.

“They should’ve called it John Wick… but that’s pretty cool… and surreal for me. But thanks, scientist people! Good luck, and thank you for helping us,” Reeves responded.


Scientists discovered keanumycins last month through various experiments. The bacteria is effective in the fight against plant-fungal diseases and human-pathogenic fungi. Its impact is significant – as there aren’t that many natural defenses against fungal infections.

Researchers hope that the new bacteria will be an environmentally friendly alternative to things like crops, plants and harvests rather than chemical pesticides.

Meanwhile, Reeves will look to do his new found scientific honor by showcasing his own fight battles in the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 4 film, due in theaters March 24th.

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