School Calls LAPD To Cordon Unvaccinated Teens, Denying Them Chairs and Bathroom Breaks

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A group of New West Charter School students showed up to their school in Los Angeles in January, hoping their negative COVID-19 tests would suffice against the new vaccine mandate.

They miscalculated.

Unvaccinated students and their parents had been negotiating against the school’s vaccine mandate since October, when the school announced it would go into effect in January.

“When they showed up at school around 7:30 a.m., they sailed through the first checkpoint, run by two newly hired security guards who were satisfied with the girls’ proof of negative test conducted in the last 24 hours,” Reason reports.

“It was the second checkpoint, run by school administrators demanding proof of vaccination, that created trouble for the teens. Several hours later, after tense negotiations between administrators, teens, and their parents, the school called Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to the scene, and cordoned the teens off, denying them chairs and bathroom breaks, according to the girls.”

So totally reasonable stuff here.

Ellah Nahum, 15, who contracted the virus in December 2020, told the outlet that she’s unvaccinated for several reasons. First, her Jewish faith teaches her to have reservations about putting foreign substances in her body. She also claims that a few of her friends suffered “bizarre side effects” after getting the vaccine, including serious disruptions to their menstrual cycle.

“The big thing that’s been going around is that I’m an anti-vaxxer, and that’s not the case,” Nahum says.

Reason asked the school why the weekly testing regime is no longer acceptable and whether proof of natural immunity would be sufficient for entrance. New West Charter didn’t bother to respond.

Of course it didn’t respond. The school’s mandate and response are not sane. COVID-19, particularly the new Omicron variant, poses minimal risk to young people.

Moreover, a San Diego County Superior Court has previously said that individual school districts cannot legally impose such vaccine mandates, that only state legislatures can. So unnamed students filed a lawsuit against New West Charter on January 18, alleging that vaccine mandates are in violation of California law.

Stay tuned.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. The new Third Reich the people of cali are becoming slaves to this tyrannical govt guess that’s what they want and they are getting the boot to the throat treatment had a chance to get rid of this tyrant nope couldn’t do it smfh

  2. Disgusting. The same lunatics who violently rioted and/or supported those who did in an idiotic effort to “defund police” now think its ok to call the LAPD on some damn high school girls who pose a risk to absolutely no one. Twighlight zone I tell you complete twighlight zone.

  3. California is phucked. If you live there, get the hell out. If you don’t live there, stay the hell away. It’s probably in your best interest to leave all blue states because eventually they’ll all be like Cali. I’m in one and I plan on finding a nice red state utopia in the next year or two. My state isn’t completely bonkers yet but I’m sure it’s coming.

  4. Scarier that this 15 yr old student is one of ‘the children’ Nancy is running for another term for. Just not for the right reasons that this student needs as well as the rest of American kids under 18 suffering thru this idiocy. The plan all along by this Dem Gov’t shit show is to get needles in kids’ arms.

    I thank God we live in the great state of Tennessee and don’t have idiots @ my kids school performing Nazi-style control over Minors just trying to get an education. Sadly the School Admin in CA and their Devil Governor think they are ‘in the Right’. This shit has to not only stop but END. No Fauci, No CDC,No masks….. Move on back to Sanity.

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