Satanist Grandson of Ralph Yarl Shooter Calls Grandfather Racist For Being ‘White Christian Male’

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A grandson of the man who shot Ralph Yarl tells CNN his grandfather is a racist.

Kint Ludwig appeared on set with Don Lemon to explain why he labels his grandpa, Andrew Lester, as such.

According to Ludwig, his grandfather is an “older Christian white male.” And that’s “just how they are,” meaning racist.

Never ideal when Don Lemon pushes back at your racial hysteria.

“Hail Satan”

Ludwig deleted his Twitter page shortly after his appearance on CNN. Though unclear why, perhaps his professed admiration for Satan is the reason.

Kint Ludwig worships Satan. He endorses abolishing prisons. He’s a proponent of the ACAB, the “All Cops Are Bastards” movement.

He also identifies as a “human male.” Whatever that means.

Via Twitter.

Quite the guest CNN booked on Thursday.

Telling it is that “news” outlets like Yahoo reference Lester’s Satanist grandson as an authority on his grandfather but hardly mention Kint’s older brother’s rebuttal.

Daniel Ludwig, who knew Lester just as well, disputes the claim that race played a role in Yarl’s shooting.

Daniel says his grandfather opened fire because Ralph had “gone for the door.”

“It’s just sad and I wish it didn’t happen,” Daniel told The Kansas City Star. “It seems like a bunch of mistakes in a row that resulted in a tragedy.”

But let’s ignore the older sibling and cite the troubled Satan-worshiping, police-hating hippie.


As we argued this week, if evidence emerges that Andrew Lester shot Ralph Yarl on the basis of racism then we ought to properly label the former a racist.

Yet no one can say that for certain until.

Claims of racism stem from the mere notion that a white person shot a black person. But that does not prove racism on the surface.

It’s no more racist than the black man who recently shot a 6-year-old white girl because her ball rolled into his yard.

The Yarl shooting is no more newsworthy than the bevy of other shootings in which the victim appeared at the wrong place at the wrong time.

(See the lack of response for the eerily similar shooting of a white woman named Kaylin Gillis just days after Yarl’s.)

Nonetheless, the races of Lester and Yarl have refueled racial tensions. Thus, the story is politically advantageous for Democrats.

Already, Joe Biden invited Yarl to the White House while ignoring other gunshot survivors. (Does Kinsley White’s survival not matter?)

Yarl being black doesn’t affirm the shooting was racially motivated. Nor does an imbecile grandson appearing on CNN and suggesting “older Christian white males” are inherently racist. 

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