Sarah Jones and The Bengals

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By Zach Knott

Sarah Jones pleaded guilty yesterday to having inappropriate relations with a (at the time) 17 year old student.

Her punishment?

Five years of probation.

“I began a romantic relationship while he was a student and I was in a position of authority,” Jones said. “Our romantic relationship included voluminous phone calls and text messages. I sent sexually explicit text messages to (the student) when he was a student.

“I had sexual contact including sexual intercourse with (the student) in Kenton County, Kentucky, while he was a student and I was a teacher.”

She taught him when he was a freshman in 2008 and was his personal tutor in 2010 and 2011. Of course, as all of these female-teacher-having-sex-with-students-stories that actually get media attention have taught us the reason this made national news is because the teacher is not ugly.

In fact, she was a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals.

So, we could talk about this at our water coolers and bars from the “why are hot teachers having sex with underage students” angle, but that’s been done. We have all said, “Where were these teachers when I was in high school?” or “These women can sleep with any guy they want if they just came to this bar!” For the record, she was seen leaving the courthouse with the student (who is now of legal age). She is pleading guilty to avoid jail time and forced sex offender status partly because the student’s family would not cooperate with prosecutors to build a case.

I don’t care that they are together now, that she is dodging sexual offender status, or the obvious double standard against males in similar positions of authority (although it does creep me out that she taught him as a 14 year old and still had a relationship with him three years later. Are we sure it didn’t start earlier?). The thing that I immediately took from this story is… The Bengals are back!

The Bengals were tied with the Chargers for having the second most arrests since June 2011, only one behind the Vikings. I’m not sure who gets the authority to allow a cheerleader arrest to join the numbers, but it has to, right? I allow it! Congratulations Cincinnati, you’re back in a tie for first! This is too good, mostly because when I looked up Cincinnati’s arrest record since 2000, I decided to make a Microsoft Excel report out of it… like, immediately.

The Bengals have had 37 arrests in the last 12 years, but somehow that number seems low when you actually read through the offenses. Chris Henry was arrested six times total, three times in 2006. Remember that? How about two Bengals (Chris Henry, A.J. Nicholson) getting arrested on June 3, 2006 for separate crimes (DUI, Burglary) committed in different states (Ohio, Florida)? Or that James Lynch got arrested in 2003 and charged with five counts, including public intoxication and resisting arrest. Police were forced to cuff and shackle him in the same streets they claim he urinated in.

The Bengals’ had eight DUIs, if you count boating under the influence; and three arrests for marijuana related incidents, including Jerome Simpson having two and a half pounds of weed shipped to his house from California. There are over ten arrests that include some variety of disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, or nightclub violence. Five more arrests for violence include hitting a woman, and another one for Marvin White threatening the management at a child care facility in front of children last summer.

They’ve continuously re-signed multiple offenders, including the late Chris Henry and two-time offenders A.J. Nicholson and Steve Foley. They have gone out and signed starters such as Pac-Man Jones who (surprisingly) got arrested in 2011 for an incident in a club in downtown Cincinnati. In 2001, the Bengals had both their starting quarterback (Akili Smith) and kicker (Neil Rackers) arrested for alcohol related incidents.

Only a few incidents have taken place in Cincinnati, so unlike the Knoxville Police, we can’t blame them for not taking care of their own. Most of the incidents are spread throughout the players’ hometowns and various larger cities. The exception? Covington, Kentucky! The city across the Ohio River, only two miles from the heart of Cincinnati, hosted four of the arrests. The city that former MLB Rookie of the Year David Justice, and abuser of Halle Berry, calls his hometown was not only the site of Chris Henry’s first and fourth arrests (the latter involved buying alcohol for three underage girls in a motel room), but also the site of the school where Sarah Jones taught her 17-year-old pupil/lover.

Did I purposely end this article with the inclusion of Covington in 10% of the arrests just to make fun of Kentucky? Maybe.

(Did she also show up for her mug shot — the years since the cheerleading have been unkind — in a Kentucky shirt? Of course).


Written by Clay Travis

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