Saquon Barkley Jumping Out Of A Pool Is A Work Of Art

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Giants fans can relax this week as NFL training camps ramp up. Saquon Barkley is good to go. All it took was one look at this video of the Giants running back having no issue jumping out of a pool. I just officially cleared Saquon to enter the 2020 season without taking hits during training camp.

As you know, preseason games have been called off so the next time we should be seeing the third-year back is Monday, September 14 against the Steelers. Nothing gets football guys excited like watching football guys jump out of a pool without using their hands. That’s 5’11 and 233 pounds exploding out of that pool. Stop and appreciate this. Now imagine yourself struggling to get out of a pool by climbing over a wall.

It appears the ankle sprain that caused Saquon (41″ vertical at the Combine) to miss three games in 2019 is very old news these days after watching this explosion. The ankle has zero issues holding its grip on the pool coping. The key here is that he stuck the landing. There are videos out there like 320-pound Buccaneers rookie Tristan Wifs launching out of a pool, but the landing wasn’t there. Need to stick it like Saquon. That’s the new standard.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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