San Jose State Swimmer, The ‘Olivia Dunne Of Lifeguards,’ Is A Fourth Of July Firework

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San Jose State swimmer Andreea Dragoi — the Olivia Dunne of the Pool — sent off a couple Fourth of July fireworks to celebrate America’s birthday.

And while plenty of college Instagram influencers sent out heaters yesterday, including Livvy herself, Summer’s Hottest Lifeguard ultimately stole the show.

Another day, another win for the internet’s fastest up-and-comer!

“Baby, you’re a firework … KEEP SPARKLING,” wrote the Halvorson Model Management before showing off their newest star.

Andreea Dragoi matches Olivia Dunne with beach photoshoot

What a run Andreea here has been on recently. OutKick first identified her last December, but all was quiet from the pool over the spring.

Not to worry, though — the Olivia Dunne of the pool cranked the heat up to 11 when summer kicked in.

Dragoi scored her current summer job as a lifeguard last month, which shockingly led us to proclaim her Summer’s Hottest Lifeguard. In the weeks since, she’s hit the Miami streets with her model mom, Lucy, and then gave the internet an intense workout from her local gym.

All of that pales in comparison to this latest heater, though. Admittedly, I don’t know what that weird mermaid-looking thing is on Andreea’s back, but I won’t question it. If it’s good enough for HMM Modeling, it’s good enough for OutKick.

I said it last week and I’ll say it again now — buckle the hell up.

The Fourth of July is behind us, meaning fall is right around the corner. That also means a new swim season is mere weeks away, and it appears the ‘Olivia Dunne of the Pool’ is ready to crush the back-half of 2023.

Written by Zach Dean

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