San Francisco 49ers Choose To ‘Stand With And Celebrate’ Transgender Fans Days After Nashville Shooting | Armando Salguero

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The San Francisco 49ers want to make sure everyone understands they celebrate and support their transgender fans every single day of the year.

That’s the reason they tweeted that full-throated support to their 2.4 million Twitter followers on Friday.

49ers celebrate and support

49ers Can Affirm Fans, But This Week?

And the 49ers have every right and should love every one of their fans. And they should definitely make that known if they wish.

But right now?

This week?

On Monday a transgender person entered a Nashville, Tenn., Christian grade school and shot to death three children and three adults. And in a back-and-forth of the narrative after the attack, Nashville police chief John Drake said the preliminary investigation indicated the shooting was a targeted act against Christians before the department clarified, saying it is still investigating whether the victims were targeted.

Look, I get that March 31 is Transgender Day Of Visibility, according to a presidential proclamation. So the 49ers felt an obvious need to pander to that audience.

But Good Friday last year fell on April 15 and the team didn’t mention it. And on the third day, the team didn’t wish anyone a happy Easter or Resurrection Sunday.

See the difference in approach?

The feelings about the six Christian victims, three of them 9-year-olds, being cut down by the depraved, wicked shooter are still raw. That includes some NFL players who understand how evil this act was.

Derrick Henry mourns Nashville victims.

Nashville Shooting Had One Set Of Victims

The facts of this heinous act, by the way, sets one community as the victim: The Christians.

The 49ers seem to miss that point.

By announcing they “celebrate” their transgender fans “every day” in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, the 49ers join the folks who are portraying the transgender community as victims.

That characterization has leaked into a mischaracterization of who did what to whom in Nashville, which has been a common thread among some people, including the people at the White House.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Thursday that the “trans community” in America is “under attack.”

The almost unsurprising thing is the White House didn’t mention that it was actually the Christians who were under attack.

NBC portrays Nashville’s trans community as the victim after trans shooter kills six

49ers, Like Others, Getting It Wrong

The legacy media, no friend of Christianity, then engaged in a cover-up and rewriting of facts.

CBS, for example, banned the connection of the transgender shooting by the transgender shooter to the entire crime by banning the use of the word tansgender in its coverage of the story.

And NBC didn’t write a story saying it’s Christians who are in fear for their lives but rather transgender people are afraid. This even after countless church shootings in recent years.

The 49ers, unwittingly or otherwise, join the silent chorus that won’t recognize the Christians as the victims. They haven’t said they “stand with” their Christian fans since the shooting. They haven’t mentioned the shooting at all.

The brutal timing of the 49ers’ tweet was met with an expected social media backlash. People who see the lack of awareness by the team’s social arm basically torched the Niners in their mentions.

That backlash, predictably, was met by a counter-attack by the transgenderphiles.

Some of the people who affirm the transgender movement attacked the responses against the team by blaming “Christian white men” for most of the mass shootings in the country, although there are no actual FBI statistics that claim Christians are doing these acts.

So, yes, more victim bashing.

Because the victims were Christians, so it’s apparently acceptable.

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  1. Everyone should simply Google ‘trans homicide victims 2022’! You’ll see that trans make up a very very small percentage of the 8000+ homicide victims in 2022. And you’ll also see that POC make up the majority of the victims, and many of those were engaged in ‘sex-work’, a dangerous occupation for anyone! And as in most homicides where POC are the victims, POC are also the perps. All of these facts are totally ignored my the MSM, and the left. They’d rather paint all Americans as violent, hateful transphobic, because that what advances their narrative.

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