San Diego State Hit With More Bad News, No Longer In Consideration For The Big 12

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San Diego State’s hopes of joining a P5 conference continue to be very dim.

The Aztecs had been holding out hope the PAC-12 would extend an invite, and even notified the MWC of its intention to exit the conference. That notice has sparked a massive war between the MWC and SDSU. The conference is currently withholding $6.6 million claiming San Diego State left and must pay an exit fee.

One of the possible backup options for the Aztecs was that the Big 12 might welcome the program with open arms as the conference looks to expand.

The Big 12 reportedly doesn’t want SDSU. (Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

San Diego State is in big trouble.

SDSU athletic director JD Wicker even said back in April he believed a Big 12 or PAC-12 invite was going to happen. It appears that’s no longer the case.

The Big 12 is not interested in adding the Aztecs, and is instead focused on adding UConn and stealing some PAC-12 schools if the conference fails to land a new media deal, according to CBS Sports.

That means SDSU isn’t joining the PAC-12, also can’t get a Big 12 invite and is now at war with the Mountain West over its future.

This is a disaster for the Aztecs.

It’s not just a bad situation for the Aztecs. It’s a nightmare come to life. SDSU saw no situation just a couple months ago where the program wouldn’t join a P5 conference.

Now, it’s early July and the only two P5 conferences that could have been realistic options are out. SDSU decision to notify the MWC of its intent to lead has caused an incredible headache.

Will San Diego State join a P5 conference? (Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

San Diego State couldn’t have played this situation any worse. It banked on the PAC-12, and now has major problems.

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