Pat McAfee Gets Cold Dose of Reality from Samoa Joe

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Former Indianapolis Colts punter/pot stirrer turned media personality/pot stirrer is set to get in the WWE ring and wrestle Adam Cole.

McAfee has been working towards it for months and even cut one heck of a promo, but that may be where this publicity stunt ends.

Today, McAfee had Somoa Joe on his radio show and asked for some advice going into the weekend. Joe was pretty honest in his assessment, noting that McAfee may be ready now, but Cole has been ready for a long time.

McAfee has spun this stunt into a lot of coverage, both here on Outkick and abroad. We covered the initial awkward-but-obvious work interview with Cole on his show as well as the “punt” that helped lead into a match.

ESPN got into the mix by interviewing him about how he went from pro football to pro wrestling.

“I think anybody who’s my age, in their late 20s, early 30s, the Attitude Era, the Monday Night Wars, just captivated all of pop culture,” McAfee told ESPN. “I mean, I remember getting an in-school suspension for doing the D-Generation X ‘suck it’ chops. I remember trying to Stone Cold-stun kids. I remember trying to cut a promo like The Rock in English class.

“Monday nights, I obviously watched Monday Night Football because I come from Pittsburgh, a big football town, big football family, but boy, it was beautiful when I could bounce back and forth from Monday Night Football to Monday Night Raw to Nitro. Those were just some of my favorite times. And to be honest, ever since those days, if you talked to anybody, I’ve always said that I thought I was put on this earth to be a professional wrestler.”

Saturday will be his in-ring debut.

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  1. Samoa Joe is trying to be diplomatic…and good on him!!!
    Have you ever heard HS or college-age kids talk about trying to get the better of their 50 or 60 year old dads in a wrestling match, a boxing match, an arm wrestle…something involving physical strength, not agility lol.
    Somebody always says to the 25 yr. old who thinks he’s jacked, “yeah, but he’s got old man muscles”.
    That’s what Samoa Joe is saying…Adam Cole has wrestling muscles…they’ve all been used in the ring for years and years.
    Pat McAfee was a punter. Even if he’s bulked up…he was a punter. End of story. LMAO

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