Same Game Parlay: NBA Finals Game 3

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Game 3 brings us yet another opportunity to make a big payday. We’ve seen some spots that have had some success and others have been completely off. Let’s try to remedy this and get a payday. Normally, we do nothing but plus money plays. I’m going to try and combine some plus money plays with some items that might be a little more of a favorite in an effort to cash one more of these before the Finals come to an end. However, even if we don’t we aren’t losing anything because of the risk-free offer from FanDuel.

Jrue Holiday has been bad this series. He’s 11 for 35 from the floor, just 31% and is only one for seven from deep. I’d love to say it is balanced out by his defense of Chris Paul, but it isn’t, because Paul is having a very effective series. I think the return to home will help Holiday feel a bit more comfortable and ease the nerves of playing in the Finals. I’m playing Holiday to get to 25+ points tonight. Against Atlanta, he averaged 26.7 points at home. Let’s start there. 

Next, I’m going to play a barrage of 2+ three-pointer made from a wide range of players. Some of them should be no doubt (Middleton, Crowder), some have a great chance of happening (Booker, Bridges) and one is my longshot that is about a 50/50 chance (Lopez). Play all of them to get this parlay into a really nice return on our risk-free investment. 

Lastly, I’m playing some defensive stats to boost the payday. Paul and Giannis both should easily get one steal so we will add those into the parlay. Giannis should also get at least one block and so should Ayton. Those four plays put us at an alarming 10 plays for the parlay. That isn’t something that is easy to do, but aside from Holiday and Lopez, most of these are heavy favorites and have a strong likelihood of happening. 

Same Game Parlay: 

Total odds +13145, a $10 bet pays $1,314.55. 

Not comfortable with Lopez and Holiday? Take them out but your payday drops down to just $93. Want to go for something ridiculous? Throw Giannis into the mix for first basket and your odds increase to +48740 where a $10 play pays $4,874.06 if we win, and $10 if we lose. 

Written by OutKick Bets

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