Same Game Parlay: NBA Finals Game 1

The NBA Finals are just about ready to tip off with the Bucks meeting the Suns. The Suns have health on their side, and the Bucks have, well, the hope that Giannis can come back in one of the next few games. What we care about, though, is making money. FanDuel Sportsbook has decided to offer users a risk-free Same Game Parlay for each game of the NBA Finals. Since there is no risk, I’m going to play this to try and hit the lottery. I want plus money things that have a good chance of happening.

The first game of a series is usually the hardest to predict because you don’t have much to compare to. I’m going to start with the stars. I feel like Devin Booker and Chris Paul may have an unspoken battle for Finals MVP. I think that Booker might be a little nervous tonight and gets under 25.5 points. Middleton is a pretty strong defender, and his length should make shooting difficult for Booker. Chris Paul has Jrue Holiday on him, who is a really good defensive player. I think Paul really will want to claim this game, and the Finals, for himself. I am putting him to get 25+ points tonight. 

If you’ve read these before, you’ll know exactly what pick is coming. Brook Lopez 2+ threes. It was not a good bet last round. DeAndre Ayton is a presence around the rim, and I think that Lopez probably helps the Bucks more by trying to lure him out of the paint with some deep shooting. 

I’m backing Bobby Portis to get 10+ boards tonight too. My biggest concern with him is that he might actually have too much energy in the game and get himself into foul trouble. In games without Giannis, he averages over 26 points + rebounds. I think he can get these rebounds though, as the Bucks will need to keep this a low-scoring, lower-paced game to win it. 

Same Game Parlay:

  • Booker under 25.5 points (+168)
  • Paul 25+ points (+220)
  • Lopez 2+ threes (+225)
  • Portis 10+ rebounds (+110)

Total odds +5287, a $10 bet pays out $528.73.

Want to make this even juicier? Here are a few more plays to add that I could see happening and will make your payday even bigger! 

  • Ayton 20+ points (+200)
  • Portis 20+ points (+220)
  • Middleton 30+ points (+156)

Add all of those to your parlay and your odds increase to +73553 where a $10 bet pays $7,355.31 if we win and $10 if we lose. 

Written by OutKick Bets

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