NBA Writer Sam Amico Among Sports Illustrated Cuts

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Sports Illustrated operator Maven is making significant cuts to its team sites.

Longtime NBA writer Sam Amico is among the writers informed they will not return at the end of October. Amico confirmed the news to Outkick and says he will return to running his own site.

“This is like the third or fourth time this has happened for me,” Amico responds to Outkick. “Everyone is just trying to run their business the best they can. So, I get it. No hard feelings.”

Amico is one of the few NBA writers who has reported on the league’s decline in ratings. Basketball writers have mostly ignored the issue while Amico has taken it head-on.

Before joining SI, Amico founded Amico Hoops and had worked for and

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  1. Because – China 🇨🇳 –

    China is one step away from being removed from the International Monetary Fund.

    Sports journalism is now controlled nearly completely by a handful of tech Oligarchs. And with more illiterate readers than ever before, the writing is all promotion.

  2. Frank Deford, Curry Kirkpatrick and the SI swimsuit issues in the Tiegs/Brinkley/Ireland era were all refreshing staples in a simpler time before the ESPN era. Better days? Sure they were – I was 40 yrs younger.

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