Sam Acho Doesn’t Think Patrick Mahomes is Very Good

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ESPN’s Sam Acho made people mad.

On Thursday’s First Take, Acho ranked the five best QBs in the NFL. Take a look:

You’ll notice, Patrick Mahomes didn’t make Acho’s list. People online didn’t like that. You can see some of the reactions here.

Let’s be real: for whatever hate Acho receives, we must also credit him for ranking Josh Allen No. 1. Josh Allen is the best. His two playoff games this past season were the two best quarterbacked games of the year. So credit where it’s due.

As for leaving Mahomes off the list, I agree we should crush Acho for that on Twitter. If you publish a list and it’s embarrassing, you should be ashamed. Those are the rules.

That’s why whenever I publish a list, it’s almost perfect. Not a person too high, not a person too low.

One could argue Sam Acho needs my help in terms of breaking down football. Here is the correct list of the 5 best QBs in the NFL:

  1. Josh Allen
  2. Aaron Rodgers
  3. Patrick Mahomes
  4. Matt Stafford
  5. Joe Burrow

I’m here for you, Sam Acho.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Filling out the top ten you have to consider Dak Prescott, Justin Herbert, Kyler Murray, maybe Derek Carr and Kirk Cousins. Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson need bounce back years. We’ll see what happens with Deshaun Watson this season.

    • Agree w/ your assessment tho.

      – Dak: Proven he can put up huge numbers even though the Cowboys always underdeliver
      – Herbert: Good. Consistent.
      – Kyler: Good, but injury prone, inconsistent, and not a great leader
      – Carr: Underrated, but still just slightly above average
      – Cousins: Underrated, great stats but loses a lot of close games
      – Wilson: Great but hasn’t been in a year and a half
      – Lamar: Dynamic, but inconsistent throwing
      – Winston: Added to the list as a homer. Great leader, has a high ceiling, has the ability to crack the top 10 if he can go for 5,000 again with half the picks lol

  2. I still don’t see Stafford as a top 5 QB. He’s very good, didn’t play amazing in the playoffs even though they won the SB. He’s top 10 for sure. Here is the correct list:

    1) Aaron Rodgers (yes, doesn’t have the best playoff track record but he’s back-to-back league MVP)
    2) Patrick Mahomes (took a little bit of a step back this year but we all know what he can do)
    3) Josh Allen (almost MVP last year, great playoff run this year)
    4) Joe Burrow (dude has been playing lights out with a shaky O-line)
    5) Russell Wilson (not great since halfway through last season but when healthy he balls out)

    Honorable mentions: Stafford, Dak, Herbert, Cousins, Carr, Lamar

  3. “[Allen’s] two playoff games this past season were the two best quarterbacked games of the year.”

    Bullshit. In the KC game: Mahomes had more passing yards, same rushing yards, and same total TD’s as Allen. Oh…and Mahomes did that against the #1 defense in both passing and rushing. Allen did his “best quartbacked game” against the 27th ranked passing defense….and still lost.

    Maybe those playoff games were Allen’s best games this year…but he was clearly outplayed by Mahomes.

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