Salute To Service: Former Brazilian Air Force Lieutenant Is Now An OnlyFans Star

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After eleven years, Acassia Marina Jorge Diniz has left the Brazilian Air Force for a career with no uniform requirements. She’s now an OnlyFans content creator.

She may have resigned from the service, but Diniz, a former lieutenant, still carries a couple of bombs with her. And for the low, low price of $47 per month, anyone over the age of 18 with a credit card can see those bombs as well as the rest of the weaponry in her arsenal.

Diniz’s OnlyFans account has accrued more than 19,000 followers since it launched just over a year ago. Per The Sun, once Diniz gained popularity on the site, she made the decision to resign from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). The FAB then placed her on the unpaid reserve list.


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Now that her military career is behind her, you’re more likely to find Diniz associated with camel toe than camouflage. Under the name “Caca Diniz,” Diniz has uploaded more than 400 photos and 80 videos for the enjoyment of those who pay to follow her.

Though the OutKick expense account doesn’t allow me to spend $47 to research Caca’s material, a quick browse through her OnlyFans landing page convinced me that the content is worthy of a salute.

Earlier this week Diniz posted a video captioned with: “I’m back to pole dance classes.” In late January it was “Blue jeans, no shirt,” accompanied by six pictures and a video.

Per The Sun’s reporting, Diniz now presents herself on social media as a digital content creator, a physical education teacher and a sports nutrition specialist in the Brazilian state of Para.

One would assume the former pilot can’t make this a lifelong career. So we’d say that for the time being, she’s flying by the seat of her pants.

Except she’s not wearing any.



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Written by Anthony Farris

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