Salma Hayek On Her Magic Mike Lap Dance: ‘It Was Joyful’

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It turns out you and Salma Hayek have something in common: You both enjoy lap dances.

The 56-year-old actress returns to the big screen Friday when “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” opens in U.S. theaters and features a shredded Channing Tatum doing work on the legendary actress just five minutes into the flick.

According to critics who’ve seen the movie, Tatum gives Salma a “very lengthy and very steamy” lap dance that does not include the use of body doubles. In an interview with Yahoo!, Hayek says “It was enjoyable” to receive such a powerful performance from Tatum.

“My god, what an initiation,” Hayek says of Tatum’s prowess.

Salma Hayek and Channing Tatum dive right into a wild lap dance just five minutes into “Magic Mike’s Last Dance.” / Warner Bros.

“The good news is that we shot it at the end,” she explained. “And I got to become friends with the main choreographer, a [female], and that made me feel very safe. And I got to discover that Channing, as goofy as he is, he’s an absolute gentleman and I felt very comfortable with him.”

That’s quite the compliment from a woman who has acted out a few steamy performances in her day.

In December, Hayek told reporters that the lap dance scene was “very physically challenging, adding, “My goodness. You just wait to see. It’s just complicated.”

Consider us intrigued.

But…not enough to hit up the theater when Tatum says he wanted this “Magic Mike” to be “the Super Bowl of stripping.”

C’mon, dog.

Channing Tatum about to do “very complicated” work on Salma Hayek. / / Warner Bros.

It looks like guys will just have to wait for the Hayek lap dance scene to hit YouTube here in a week or so.

As for playing the role of being on the receiving end of a lap dance, Hayek told PEOPLE it was a nice change of pace at this point in her career.

“It felt full-circle for me. And it was one of the attractions of the film, because I’ve had to be the stripper before. It was empowering to switch the roles,” she said.

“It was very different, because I’ve danced in other movies before, but I’ve danced for a guy. [This time] it really felt like he was dancing for me. We wanted it to have an art that we were moving together. I was not sitting there having this guy dance — we connected and we were moving together.”

The third installment of Magic Mike opens in theaters on February 10. Adjust your Super Bowl weekend plans accordingly.

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