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Imagine being Tom Brady’s 13-year-old son & watching your dad go to the Super Bowl at the height of your youth

How odd was it to see a Super Bowl quarterback sharing a moment with his teen son after winning the NFC Championship? I’m not sure the NFL has ever seen it. We’re inundated with images of quarterbacks hoisting up their babies, who’ll have zero memories of the moment, but they’ll always have that photo of themselves at the game with Bose® QuietComfort 35 II headphones over their precious ears.

Sunday, we saw Brady tell Lambeau security to allow his son, John Edward, 13, to come down to the railing to share a moment with the 43-year-old quarterback. And then Fox Sports got its money shot of the father and son sharing a moment.

I have to think this is the perfect time to be experiencing this ride. As if being Brady’s son wasn’t already a great ride, now John Edward’s in 7th or 8th grade and dad is defying Father Time, giving his son the chance to see him duel with Patrick Mahomes. And it’s not like dad is Trent Dilfering his way to a Super Bowl. Yes, the three picks were ugly, but the three touchdown passes were pure art, especially the pass to Scotty Miller just before half.

Good for Tom. Good for John Edward. Gisele. Their kids. Good for all of them.

• Tom and John Edward had a beautiful moment after Sunday’s game, but then we were treated to Patrick Mahomes’ brother, Jackson, acting like a moron in the Arrowhead suites. Don’t dive into Jackson Mahomes content if you’re easily triggered.

• The Super Bowl get-in price this morning on Vivid Seats is $8,700. If I’m one of those healthcare workers who receive free tickets from the NFL, I have to think about selling at these prices. With just 22,000 digital tickets hitting the market, we’re in for record prices. Add in Tampa fans not spending a penny on travel and we have ourselves a perfect storm. Basic lower level seats are priced at $16,000 — EACH.

• It appears AMC theaters won’t go to bankruptcy after all. Even with people buying 75″ Samsungs at Costco for $900, the theater industry isn’t ready to go away just yet.

• As I compile Screencaps, GameStop stock is at 103.59, up 38.58 in premarket. Why? Reddit users are in a clash with short-seller Citron, which released a video last week saying it’s a $20 stock. Reddit users fired back and have now driven the stock to where it is this morning. Here’s a deeper dive from Bloomberg. It’s definitely something to keep an eye on today as these two sides battle it out. 

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