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Inauguration Day…I’m sure Facebook will be a pleasant place to visit

I don’t normally do this, but let me give you some advice today: Facebook is definitely not a place you want to be for at least the next 18 hours. I went on a reconnaissance mission last night, and the scene was already turning into a war zone as the nation prepares to inaugurate a new president. Your high school friends have turned into political analysts. Your great aunt has stopped posting cat videos and put on her political science lab jacket.

Your Little League friends have stopped reminiscing about games they played 25 years ago to launch attacks on local news pages. Your golf buddies have moved to Instagram where they’re perfectly happy in their small groups of four just hanging out laughing at golf memes. Folks, it’s time to hunker down today.

Personally, I have some trim to sand and paint this evening while listening to Yacht Rock Pandora and thinking about sunnier days when I can play 18. Laugh all you want at Yacht Rock, it’s a proven fact that after five minutes of listening, your brain will be transported to a deserted island where magically frozen margaritas keep appearing on the table next to your beach chair. Give that Pandora a try tonight. You’ll forget all about politics. Trust me.

β€’ I didn’t hit the Mega Millions last night. The pot now grows to $970 million for Friday’s drawing and allows me to work a full week before I text Clay that my job here is done and then I destroy the iPhone.

β€’ In case you haven’t realized it yet, mortgage rates continue to climb. A 30-year is now at 2.92%. Tell that to your parents who bought houses in the late 1970s and early 80s. Record a TikTok video of their reactions. The 15-year is at 2.48%.

β€’ And finally this morning, Dustin Pedroia’s career appears to be coming to an end, but he appears unwilling to give up $12 million owed to him by retiring. The two sides are said to be working on a plan to move on. This isn’t even close to how I plan to go out Saturday morning after hitting the Mega Millions. I’ll text Clay, tell him it was a great time and maybe we’ll meet up for frozen margs down the road.

Have a great day.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Haven’t been on Facebook in 6 years, don’t plan to start today. Let the miserable be miserable.

    Joe — Nothing wrong with Yacht rock, but if you want to take it to another level get an Apple Music subscription and start rocking their extensive Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia Band live music archives. Or if you prefer do it on the cheap get the ReListen App and do it for free. Here’s a few landmarks to start you out.

    Cornell 5/8/77 – Mothers Day concert, tightest and cleanest dead show of all time IMHO

    To Terrapin – Hartford 5/28/77 – First runner up to Cornell as best of this era

    Without a Net – Selected live Jams between October 89 and April 1990. The Dead are mostly sane and sober on this tour, and in what is arguably the best form of their entire careers. This was one of only about 5 live show Albums Jerry was willing to release during his lifetime. (dude was an incredible perfectionist though you’d never know it by looking at him)

    Imagine if we ever truly drained the swamps/pulled the curtains back on major college athletics and Washington DC politics. The amount of payoffs, scandals, sex, lies, and videotape would be far worse than we ever imagined.

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