Salma Hayek Celebrates National Bikini Day

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Holy s–t.

It’s one thing for some D-list Instagram model to dump out a National Bikini Day photo where she’s posted up on a yacht while suckin’ down High Noons. It’s another when 56-year-old Salma Hayek lays out her soul in a two-piece bikini for the ages as the world comes together on July 5 to honor the bikini, one of the greatest fashion inventions the world has ever known.

Thank you to French visionary & engineer Louis Réard who went to work in 1946 to invent what we’re celebrating today with a woman who has pretty much zero equals.

Did Salma Hayek need to dump out a world-class bikini photo today to prove she’s had one helluva career? Absolutely not.

But GOATs who still have the fastball understand they need to walk that aisle and take the bump at least one final time. One final National Bikini Day. If this is the end, she went out on top.

“Can you believe the bikini has only been around for 77 years?! Let’s hope they don’t ban them too #notathrowback,” Hayek announced to her IG fans.

Notice how she makes sure to add “#notathrowback.” Talk about a huge f-you to all the Instagram pretenders out there who need filters and camera angles before posting content. Hayek just went and threw a 102 mph fastball right down the middle.

Not a throwback. Holy s–t, that might be one of the greatest uses of that hashtag in National Bikini Day history.

Stop and salute the real heroes of this day, not some loser who tries to trick you into spending $8.99 on OnlyFans.

Thank you for your service, Salma.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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