Sal Paolantonio Calls Upon Roger Goodell to Investigate the Eagles

As we conclude the NFL regular season, the biggest story has not been about any particular win but about Doug Pederson and the Philadelphia Eagles appearing to intentionally lose their final game to get a better draft pick. Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show this morning, longtime Philadelphia-based ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio called upon NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to investigate the team:

Paolantionio said that if he was Roger Goodell, he’d put on his “Kennesaw Mountain Landis pants” and do a “forensic investigation” about what happened with the Eagles. Dan Patrick asked him if he was being serious — Landis was the MLB commissioner who exposed the Black Sox scandal when the Chicago White Sox threw the World Series.

Here’s what I wrote earlier today after Pederson laughably said he was trying to win the game:

Everybody with a brain knows that the Eagles were tanking. They would’ve drafted ninth overall if they had won and now they are picking sixth because they lost. Many Eagles fans are actually happy with the move. Giants fans who are irate about it should, of all people, understand: they were mad at their own team for winning in Week 16 last year against Washington and swinging the pick for Chase Young, who went on to terrorize the division this season.

Pederson ultimately did what the NFL incentive structure yields as the most rational decision. If the league doesn’t want more mockeries made of its competitive balance going forward, it is going to need to devise a system that doesn’t reward teams for bad behavior. Whether that is a draft lottery that provides equal weight to all teams that miss the playoffs, or whether it’s something else, Pederson cynically exposed a big flaw in the system.

The NFL should use this as impetus to change their rules, because Pederson was just doing what was best for the long run of his team.


Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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    • Exactly! If Hurts was torching Washington or playing well there would be a point, but he was terrible. It’s funny how people apparently can’t deal with the fact that this Eagles team just sucks. They are a terrible team with no talent, ok? Own it folks. They’ve been trying to prove it to us all year. This whole story seems to be trying to “create news” where there is none. Sal’s job is to report news, not create it.

  1. Everyone knows it was a business decision, but it might backfire in Pederson’s face because he still may get fired. If he doesn’t, then Pederson just needs to sit back and let the chatter happen knowing that, over time, it’ll be old news. Giants fans may not forget, but the general public will move on after giving their 2 cents.

  2. The 25 QB rating provides all the plausible deniability the Eagles need.

    They are out of the playoffs, their $25M QB is on the cut line, the backup is playing to a 25 QBR….their QB position is a complete shitstorm…..of course they’re going to see what else I have.

    May not be the ultimate truth, but the 25 QBR gave them the excuse they needed.

  3. I don`t think there`s any great reward in winning this sorry ass division anyway. The moral of the story if you`re a giants fan is control you`re own destiny and win YOUR OWN games and don`t count on some else (Philly) for you to back in. It wasn`t like NY was going anywhere anyway. Now they`ve got a better draft pick.

  4. Worst job in sports is any job in Philly. 2nd worst job is head football coach in the NFL. why would anyone take that job for less than a percentage of the gross revenues of a team.

    its a thankless job, that requires zero sleep and no days off at all. only POTUS is more stressful and all consuming. and POTUS seems to have more perks.

    side note: sal palantonio has always seemed like a mafia guy from chicago, that likes philly cheesesteaks (over-rated btw).

  5. Every jackass with a mic in sports news thinks his/her opinion is why they are there. NO ONE CARES WHAT Palantonio THINKS! Give me some trade news, let me know if my teams players are good to go, let me know when the game is, then GET THE HECK OFF THE TV!

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