Sage Steele Suspended From ESPN, Has Positive COVID Test

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Embattled ESPN host Sage Steele recently tested positive for COVID despite being mandated for vaccination, according to her Instagram and ESPN. Steele reportedly dealt with mild symptoms, but will neither attend the espnW summit this week nor appear on any episodes of SportsCenter as a result of the positive test.

Steele’s illness coincides with a slew of critical comments made toward vaccination mandates in a podcast interview recently, handing ESPN executives an easy excuse for pulling her off the air. Some sort of disciplinary action for her comments was likely, given ESPN and parent-company Disney’s intense liberal slant, but now the illness can provide cover fire for any suspension while execs deal with the leftist insubordination in-house.

Steele originally called vaccination mandates “sick and scary,” referencing the company’s threat to fire her if she didn’t comply by Sept. 30.

“It’s scary to me in many ways, but I have a job that I love and frankly a job that I need,” Steele said. “I’m not surprised that it got to this point especially with Disney, I mean a global company like that.”

To contract COVID despite complying with the company’s mandate just adds insult to injury. But to challenge the vaccine’s efficacy immediately draws the ire of millions of government sycophants who believe that the entire pandemic would immediately end if everyone just got the jab. For now, add Sage Steele to the growing list of vaccinated individuals who managed to contract COVID despite all of the protections that the vaccine offers.

Written by TK Sanders


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