Ryder Cup Captain Zach Johnson On LIV Golfers Playing In Ryder Cup

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At a press conference before the PGA Tour John Deere Classic, Ryder Cup captain Zach Johnson clearly indicated how he feels about who will play for the USA. He did so without directly saying that LIV golfers would not be Captains picks for his Ryder Cup team.

“So, what I know is this: In order to play on the Ryder Cup team whether you’re a top-six or a pick, you must garner Ryder Cup points through the PGA of America,” Johnson said in the press conference. “In order to garner Ryder Cup points through the PGA of America, you have to be a member of the PGA of America. The way that we’re members of the PGA of America is through the PGA Tour. I’ll let you connect the dots from there.”

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA – FEBRUARY 28: Zach Johnson speaks with the media as he is announced as United States Ryder Cup Captain for 2023 during a press conference at PGA of America Headquarters on February 28, 2022 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Zach went on to say that he has friends who made the jump to LIV, and that he supports them as friends. “I want them to do well. I want them to, you know, find contentment or happiness in whatever it may be. It’s not for me to say how that develops or how they find that.”

At the British Open in 2 weeks, the board that oversees the awarding of the Official World Golf Rankings, will meet to discuss how points are awarded and what tournaments will qualify for point distributions from their results.

The LIV has indicated they will apply to qualify for OWGR points to be awarded to their tournaments. There are two issues that LIV will have to convince the committee to change their views in order to qualify. The OWGR currently require a tournament should be 72 holes to qualify and that there is a cut to make it to the final rounds. LIV plays 54 hole, no cut tournaments. The second requirement is the tournaments need a minimum of 70 golfers. The LIV currently limits fields to 48 golfers.

Without OWGR points, golfers in the LIV will quickly drop in the rankings. Rankings are one of the elements that goes into qualifying for the majors.

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  1. The official world golf ranking won’t be very official if it doesn’t include LIV players. They will eventually change the rules but not right away since PGA has its panties in a bunch right now. More players will join LIV following completion of The Open.

  2. Knock that zzzzz shit off. Some of us like golf and want to hear more about it. I’ve seen you do that before. If you don’t care about an article topic, just don’t click it. I know….hard concept for some.

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