Ryan Tannehill Reminds Fans He Never Lost His Mojo

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Thanks to a first round playoff bye for the top-seeded Titans, Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill had the weekend off. But if you thought he spent his free weekend searching for his mojo, you thought wrong.

Turns out, he’s had it the whole time.

“Contrary to popular belief, I feel like I never lost it,” Tannehill told the media late last week.

Tannehill, 33, started all 17 games for the Titans this season and threw for more than 3,700 yards with 21 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. In Week Eighteen, Tannehill tied a career high with four touchdown passes that helped Tennessee defeat Houston and clinch the top spot in the AFC.

Not surprisingly, the quarterback’s numbers dipped slightly after superstar running back Derrick Henry was hurt in Week Eight. But the struggles didn’t last long, and Tannehill closed the regular season with seven touchdowns and no interceptions over the final three regular season games – all wins.

Offensive coordinator Todd Downing says his confidence in Tannehill never wavered.

“I’ve definitely never doubted him, nor will I,” Downing insists. “I think Ryan has been just a great example of just staying steady in his business-like approach to things. We believe that will pay off and continue to propel us where we want to go.”

Downing’s support and his own late-season hot streak have Tannehill primed for the postseason: “I felt good all season and I think we’ve done some good things here the last few weeks to catch our stride a little bit.”

That stride has led them to the postseason for the third-straight year, with their eyes set once again on a Super Bowl victory.

“The reason we play this game is to go win a championship. It’s the reason I play. I’m chasing after it, year after year, day after day,” added Tannehill.

For this season at least, he’ll bring his mojo along for the chase.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Let’s be honest, Tanneyhill is never going to be a guy who can put a team on his shoulders when everyone is out, but when all his weapons are available he’s very good.

    The difference in this year and last year is available personnel. Tanneyhill was great last year because he had a group of receivers he’d played with two years, they had great chemistry, and oh yeah, Henry was terrifying defensive coordinators. This year they lost Corey Davis, Jonnu Smith and Adam Humphries in one offseason, and those guys were all big targets in key situations. This year they have had literally everyone banged up, half the WRs who knew the offense are gone, and they have built no offensive rhythm because no one has stayed on the field. If they can simply get everyone on the field healthy this offense is going to light it up the playoffs. Maybe it’s finally happening way down the road in the playoffs finally? It’s simply about having your key guys healthy.

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