Ryan Fitzpatrick Reacts To Being Benched For Tua

Total97 Ryan Fitzpatrick’s run as the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback came to an end Tuesday as the team decided to name first-round pick Tua Tagovailoa the new starter heading into the November 1 home game against the Rams. Fitzpatrick said the news was a “shock” and said his heart hurt over the decision. “My heart More

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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    • I think Joel Klatt said that Tua is dangerous because he thinks he more athletic and elusive than he really is. His injuries came from him scrambling away and thinking he had escaped but actually got caught from behind like a gazelle getting clawed by the Cheetah.

  1. Fitzmagic would make any playoff team a top flight backup. If he wants to do the backup thing, he’s got 2-3 years left in him to maybe get with the right team and grab a ring on the way out. I can’t think of a good team who wouldn’t want this guy as their back up.

  2. Makes ZERO sense…shout out to our OK bud!
    Fitz could beat the ramrods if he has a good game…Tua’s a rookie…ain’t gonna do much ‘cept hightail it away from Aaron Donald. Fitz could do veteran things to slow down AD.
    That sucks…and not a Fins fan…but like to see good play rewarded…this is a gut punch for sure, and if you have to put Fitz back in, would he be able to loosen up quickly.
    Sorry for rambling…S M H damn

  3. Fitz will find a way back on the field this year – I don’t believe in Tua’s ability to stay healthy. He never ends up as the backup for long wherever he goes these days. I just can’t stand the level of liars these coaches are. Last week their coach said there would be no point to bringing in Tua to mop up in their blowout win over the niners, so he didn’t. This week, they blow out the Jets and bring Tua in for….a handful of snaps? What was different about that blowout just one week later? I hope someone asked him that. These coaches will just say ANYTHING to get through a fucking press conference, and it’s the stupidest crap to lie about.

  4. Disappointed for Fitz – I thought Miami had a good chance to make the playoffs with him under center.

    We’ll see how it goes with Tua, but he has some tough challenges ahead.. maybe he’s been looking like Mahomes in practice.

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