Ryan Fitzpatrick Makes Fun Of Gardner Minshew’s Mustache Game

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was asked about his matchup with Gardner Minshew this weekend and it turned into a hilarious back and forth on their facial hair!

Not like most guys can grow that craft beer drinker’s look, so Minshew should know he’s dead in the water. He decided to come back with a haymaker instead by calling Fitzpatrick old!

Some good fun in a time where nothing makes us happy, but Minshew came correct. He’s only 24-years-old and that buys him PLENTY of time to touch up the sides. Have to give Gardner Minshew credit for understanding his audience because most of his fan base watched uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite. Might be able to argue Fitzpatrick looks more professional, but nothing says 400 yards and three TD’s like a handlebar by itself.

Minshew is essentially untouchable no matter what you say to the kid with swag out of this world. Hopefully that confidence leaks into this weekend for those of us that picked him up on the waivers.

Get in on the action for the game this evening. Lines current as of 1:50pm ET.


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