Ryan Fitzpatrick Has One Regret After 17 NFL Seasons

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Less than a week after quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick announced his decision to retire from the NFL, the former quarterback has revealed the one regret he takes with him.

“I wish it ended differently,” Fitzpatrick told Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer.

Not many QBs go the John Elway route and ride off into the sunset, Lombardi Trophy in hand. But it’s not a lack of hardware that FitzMagic regrets, it’s the way he left the game.

“I just think it’s a bummer the way that last year ended,” Fitzpatrick told Breer. “The fact that I got hurt in the first game of the year, I get hit probably the same way I’ve gotten hit a thousand different times in my career, and just so happened to hurt my hip. That one, it’s just unfortunate, it’s part of the game, it happens.”

Fitzpatrick announced his retirement last Thursday after 17 seasons with 9 different teams. His final game was Week One of the 2021 season when the then-Washington starting quarterback was injured during the second quarter.

Despite the less than ideal circumstances, he feels fortunate to have had the career he did, telling Breer:

“I know that I’m so fortunate to have 17 years, to have mostly a healthy career. And again going back to those relationships, the people, the lifelong friends—this is not just the guys I played with—having a big family and lots of kids, especially Buffalo and beyond, everywhere we went with the whole brood, there are so many people from those communities that we will forever be friends with.”

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Fitzpatrick finished his career with 166 career starts, 34,990 yards and 223 touchdown passes.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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