Ryan Blaney’s Girlfriend Hits South Beach, Herbstreit’s Crew Is All Grown Up & Troy Aikman’s Swole

It’s going to be a busy day for the BLMs who have two race storylines today: Kaep-Tebow and the first all-black NHL line

If you think you saw all the ‘Tebow is the definition of white privilege’ arguments on Monday, you don’t understand how social media works. The Tebow-Jags news isn’t 24-hours-old, which means ESPN’s woke morning shows haven’t dropped their woke takes which are then promoted across social media channels to fire up the BLM base.

There’s also a late-breaking BLM theme you’ll be seeing today. Monday night, the Tampa Bay Lightning went with an all-black starting forward line. Researchers say this is the first time that has happened in NHL history, which means that’s about to be rammed straight down your throat, but not on the grand scale of Kaepernick-Tebow because NFL is king and that one will drive some serious eyeballs. The NHL thing is like an appetizer for the BLM community. It’ll be simmering on one of the back burners in case Kap-Tebow burns out early today.

I’m not up on the NHL and its black history, but a quick search reveals that those who track such things say that the all-black line hasn’t happened because black players haven’t been allowed to play center because it’s the quarterback position in hockey.

• The slicing and dicing of ESPN continued Monday with the news that Kenny Mayne, 61, is leaving the Worldwide Leader. It feels like a lifetime ago when Mayne was pumping out feature after feature for the network. Lately, he’d been relegated to basic SportsCenter duties and had become a forgotten relic of brighter days for the highlight business. I haven’t looked at the seniority list, but this has to mean Steve Levy has a strong grip on the vacation signup board at the network. With hockey returning and his Monday Night Football job, Levy should be safe for a few years. Karl Ravech and his hair that never ages has to be right there with Levy.

• Do you feel that? It’s the final tugging from the coronabros as their grip starts to slip on their prized pandemic. Seasonal mask-wearing. Clubs where you’re going to get dangerously drunk & possibly do some drugs requiring vaccine passports. Vegas OUTDOOR EDM shows requiring proof of vaccination. Kids required to wear masks at summer camp. Peter King all freaked out by a full Braves stadium. This is the final stand for the lunatics. They’re pulling out all the stops.

• I was looking at this map of broadband usage by county across the United States, and all I could think of was how difficult it must be to run eight TVs, multiple tablets on the WI-FI network and use phones in the counties where people are struggling to get 25Mbps service. How are some of you people out there surviving?

• And finally this morning, congratulations to JLo for finding love so fast with Ben Affleck — again. You know, I’m starting to think JLo is the type of woman who must be in a relationship. You know the type. This woman has now plowed through three marriages and three high-profile relationships that could’ve been marriages. Damn girl, give yourself a couple of months to recharge the batteries.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. I saw the Kenny Mayne announcement and my first reaction was ‘Kenny Mayne still works at ESPN?’. Probably the most overrated head over there. I never thought he was funny, even in his supposed hey-day.

    Oh, and I bet Joseph, Smith and Walcott, three professional athletes, the one place where people were still expected to engage in merit, are super-excited to be used as pawns in racial theater.

  2. The answer to how us people in the sticks are doing with 25 Mbps?
    Sometimes I have to reload Screencaps 3 or 4 times and wait several minutes for it to load.
    So, not always great, but we never give up.

  3. “Black players haven’t been allowed to play center because it’s the quarterback position in hockey.”

    This, in all seriousness, might be the stupidest sports-related thing I have heard from BLM. On so many, many levels. A 5 second perusal of Wikipedia shows this is 100% incorrect. On the hockey side, I don’t think offenses have run through a center “QB style” since the 1950’s. But then, as is now, the center is typically the guy with the best handles on the ice while the wingers are the faster skaters. And in the modern game, the positions are interchangeable, as shown by none other than Dustin Byfuglien, a black player, who played CENTER AND DEFENSEMAN. For the Stanley Cup winning Blackhawks before switching teams and positions.

    My God, the stupidity and outright racist trash thrown around by these groups is mind-boggling, But I’m not surprised at this as these are Biden’s adherents of “Truth over Facts.”

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