Ryan Bingham Gives Great Advice About Weed And Whiskey While Throwing Fans Out Of His Concert For Fighting

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Ryan Bingham’s impressive music career far precedes his new found stardom for his role on Yellowstone. With that being said, if you have watched any single episode of Yellowstone that features ‘Walker,’ then you would know not to fβ€”k with Bingham.

Sure, the fictional character he plays on television is not actually him in real life, but that doesn’t change the fact that Bingham is a hard-nosed, no-nonsense kind of guy. He doesn’t let people get in his way, or in the way of his people, and made that abundantly clear during his most recent concert on Wednesday night.

Bingham, known best for his song ‘Southside of Heaven,’ played at the Mission Ballroom in Denver when things started to get out of hand in the crowd. Two unruly gentlemen started to scrap.

Bingham was having none of it. He immediately stopped the show.

Instead of asking for the fighting to stop, Bingham got them up out of there. To the delight of the other audience members, he pointed out the culprits, called security, and had them tossed.

Zero tolerance.

“We don’t need that… we don’t play that sh*t,” he said to raucous applause. “You folks work too hard for your money. You pay good money to come see a good show and we ain’t gonna let nobody bring us down. Y’all catch any bad actors, y’all just let me know β€” we’ll set that sh*t straight.”

Bingham joked that he wanted to start the song over anyway before checking on the wellbeing of his fans and offering some words to live by. Before taking a big swig of his drink, he said:

“Drink more whiskey, smoke a joint, chill the fβ€”k out.”

Here is Bingham in his own words:

You heard the man. Y’all best do as he says, or you might get sent to the train station!

Written by Grayson Weir

Grayson doesn't drink coffee. He wakes up Jacked.

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