Rutgers Freshman Receiver Caught Fist To The Jaw In Street Fight Loss

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Rutgers freshman wide receiver Carnell Davis was knocked out in a violent street fight that included one punch from an unidentified man landing square on Davis’ face. Davis, a 6’1, 175-pound receiver out of Galloway, New Jersey, was reportedly playing football with friends before the incident, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

In a Facebook post from a man named Keith Robert Ford, that has since been deleted, there’s a claim that Davis was sent to the hospital with a fractured skull, but Rutgers will not confirm that news.

“Apparently there were some words exchanged between Carnell and some other older guy,” Ford wrote. “The guy provoked Carnell by saying sexual harassment things to Carnell about his mom. Carnell obviously questioned him on it. The guy initiated the first move hands on with a shove. Carnell responded by defending himself with hands up. The guy throws one punch and knocks Carnell flat out, smashing his head on the pavement. He ended up in the hospital, in a coma, last night with a fractured skull and bleeding of the brain.”

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“Our main concern is Carnell’s health and well-being,” Rutgers said in a statement. “He is home with his family and continues to make progress in his recovery. We look forward to getting him back on campus soon.”

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  1. In an orthodox/south paw matchup you always have to watch out for the overhand straight punches. Also, the puncher got his lead out foot outside his opponent’s lead foot. Looked like he’s been in fights before. He threw that punch confidently.

  2. This whole thing looks suspect – the camera man being so close – clown squaring up immediately as if it was a boxing match.. odd

    But he did say some “sexual harassment things” about his momma

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