Russian Scientist Falls 500-Feet To His Death Thanks To His Hiking App, Authorities Say

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Russian scientist Dr. Dmitry Fedyanin seemed to die doing what he loved.

German officials say the 34-year-old expert in ultra-violet light and a senior research fellow at the Nanooptics Department of Siegen University in Germany fell to his death Berchtesgadener Alps National Park after following his hiking app over a cliff.

Fedyanin’s body was found at the bottom of Hoher Laafeld peak, which sits at about 7,000 feet.

According to The Sun and local authorities, Fedyanin was using his hiking app to make his way down the mountain but the route he was taking didn’t have paths and the app “sent him over mountain precipice.”

“Our investigators assume that the male individual slipped in the rocky area which features some patches of grass,” police spokesman Maximilian Maier told media outlets.

“He then slid down at least 150 meters (492 feet). It is understood that he had been around on his own.”

It’s been a brutal 10-day stretch for the Berchtesgadener Alps, according to German news outlet BR24, which reports there were four deaths in the mountains. In one case, a 57-year-old woman slipped to her death as her husband watched in horror. There was also a 29-year-old woman from Austria who fell to her death after a “misstep.”

Hey hikers, I know you want to experience the highest of highs by climbing those mountains, but you’re in luck, there’s this thing called Instagram where people go up mountains to take photos. I get it, you want to be an explorer, but the second you start trusting an app to guide you up and down the mountain is the minute you might want to scroll through Instagram and live to fight another day.

Take the money you were going to spend on hiking gear — and the hiking app — and buy a nice dinner while looking at the mountains. The brutal ending here for Dmitry is that he was alone. He didn’t even have some woman with him who would cry over his dead body.

He was scooped off the mountain by some rescue team who then dumped his body at the morgue so they could go back to scooping other bodies off the mountain.

Yes, I used to hike up mountains and up Pennsylvania waterfalls where I watched some kid slip and nearly fall to his death and that one shook me. Now I’m perfectly fine with taking the paved paths to lookout points where I can get a sniff of the natural air while taking the element of falling to one’s death out of the equation.

Trust me, you’re not going to be some huge pussy if you don’t earn some hiking bumper sticker to put on the back of your Subaru.

More romantic dinners with women overlooking mountains. Fewer bodies being turned into pancakes.

Or not.

Keep Exploring®.

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