Russian Instagram Model Identified As Euro 2020 Pitch Invader

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Russian news outlets have identified Instagram model Maria Shumilina as the pitch invader who ran onto the field during last week’s Belgium-Finland Euro 2020 match in St. Petersburg, Russia. Wearing a swimsuit promoting WTF Coin, Shumilina did her thing before security yanked her from the pitch as the cryptocurrency website had its 15 minutes of fame.

The 20-year-old Shumilina wrote “Ooops SORRY” on her Instagram page before locking it down after being identified by Russian outlets.

(Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)

WTF Coin bills itself as “a worldwide super volatile [meme] token on which you will make your fortune and become a real legend.” And what’s the best way for a meme crypto token to get its name out there? Find an Instagram model willing to run onto a pitch for likes and maybe a little WTF Coin action on the side.

Good for you, Maria. Go live that life.

As for her legal troubles, it’s unclear if the police will bother with her. According to Russian news outlet, police have their eyes on bigger fish. “Reports online indicate that the Russian authorities have approached drinks company Heineken to investigate suspicions that someone from the company had somehow been aware in advance of the pitch invasion – with the brewing company reportedly declining to comment to the media,” according to RT.

It’s unclear what a Heineken/WTF Coin relationship looks like, but the fuzz is on the case.

(Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)

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