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Summer of the Patio has been activated

I was out and about last night getting things done and that included a trip over to Costco to grab a few items when I noticed the rush at the Costco fuel center. (Yes, I understand some of you in the gas and oil industry are anti-Costco fuel. I’ve been told multiple times by the insiders that it’s supposed to be bad for your car. I’m not here to argue Costco fuel this morning.)

It was at least eight cars deep. People agitated. People jockeying for positions for $4.39.9 fuel. Emotions boiling. You could see it on their faces. Across town it was $5.09. I’m told that’s cheap compared to other parts of the country, excluding California because they’re always nuts.

And all I could think about was how the Summer of the Patio has officially been activated by those of us who are looking for less aggravation. It’s been activated by those of us who are simplifying life this summer as costs of living have exploded to a breaking point.

As my friend Diesel said this morning on the group text, “Bring back the potluck on the patio.”

Today, while you’re at work all agitated over fuel prices and the cost of filling up your Donzi to rip across the lake, I want you to stop and think about how you’ll celebrate the Summer of the Patio. Will you schedule a potluck? Maybe two. What items will you add to your patio to make it that special place now that inflation has finally made you hit the breaking point?

I did a search this morning to see how others are celebrating the Summer of the Patio and I came across pronoun warrior Ren mentioning how they/them had activated the Summer of the Patio and I stopped for a minute to reflect on what this all means.

It doesn’t matter what pronoun you go by, there’s something about the patio this time of year, especially when inflation has absolutely crippled Americans of all pronouns. This might actually be one of the only things you’ll see the left, right, center, center-left, center-right and libertarians agree on these days.

We owe to ourselves to enjoy the patio. More people need to experience the patio. Society as a whole needs more patio in their lives.

Look at this. No political slants. No arguing. The Summer of the Patio is about reconnecting with one’s patio and recharging the batteries. Ren gets it. And let’s be honest here, it doesn’t look like Ren’s exactly making that yard bee friendly.

Am I going to say anything on Ren’s tweets about the bees? Absolutely not. Society needs to calm down about a variety of things. That calm starts on the patio.

Join the movement. Activate your very own Summer of the Patio and show fellow Screencaps readers how you’re joining the movement.



The Intimidator is HERE!

• Greg M. in Tullahoma, TN wrote to me in May saying how he had something I needed. That something arrived Wednesday and it’s even better than I imagined. Greg works in the retail display world and he’s had these Dale Earnhardt standee cutouts in storage for what he estimates to be 25 years.

I pulled out the Dale standee and it was absolutely perfect. Now, I didn’t erect the Dale standee yet because I was at Costco late and the kids wouldn’t get out of the pool. The plan is to bust ass tonight with the yard work and then spend time, as the sun is going down, taking my time erecting this statue that will live a great life in this house.

This is an instant conversation piece. Some people invest in high-end art. This is my high-end art.


On busting ass

• Jordan in Ohio writes:

Just wanted to thank you for today’s column. I’m sitting and reading it at 11pm while downing an energy drink to get juiced for another all-nighter in the family business I manage. It’s good to have a reminder that busting our asses for the good things we want for our families is part of the deal.

I just had this conversation with my 11-year-old daughter about why I do what I do last Sunday. My grandparents started this business in the early 1970’s and the fourth generation is now joining us in busting their asses for pride in their work and the things they want.

So thanks for the encouragement, I’m signing off and heading to shop to crush a shipping shift because staffing shortages are no excuse to not get it done.


My Put-In-Bay Two-Club Invitational business partner Anthony Bellino, who is heard on radio stations all across the state of Michigan, was raised in a family grocery business that dates back over 100 years. Guess what he was doing last week on his vacation because his mom, who should be retired (bless her heart), needed a butcher.

You’re damn right he was in that grocery butchering. That’s why we get along so well. Now, he needs to buy the grocery from his mom and do his radio show right in the middle of the place.



• Robert in New Jersey writes:

Hey Joe. Hope this email finds you well! Rookie TNMLer here checking in from South Jersey. Last few years I haven’t had much to mow and show. 3 years ago I was building the deck after work and on the weekends from April till the end of June.

Then 2 years ago we had the pool put in. So the back yard has been a mess. I’ve attached a few pics to see the difference. Now everything is done back here and I’m finally getting the grass to fill back in. It’s been a lot of work, dirt, seed and water. I’ve always been a weekend mow guy. It was my way to unwind but Thursday is a game changer.

Frees up the weekend for an early tee time and poolside, patio and deck beers. Genius!  For what it’s worth I’m running a poulan pro pb30, husqvarna push mower to finish up. Husqvarna trimmer and blower and a Briggs n Stratton edger. Oh and I’m a mow, trim, edge and blow guy. Always have always will. Just makes sense. And no beans in chili and cyclists are the worst. Keep up the great work.

Checking my mailbox everyday for those coveted stickers!


First of all, let’s start with the design of the walk to the pool. I absolutely LOVE the wave concrete design. It looks like Robert has just enough room to get the mower around that teardrop between the fire pit and the high-top table. I also like how Robert has left room in the middle of the yard for Wiffle ball games and football games.

This is what it’s all about, folks. Busting ass to get that slice you’ve always wanted.

Robert has definitely activated the Summer of the Patio.

Clay’s umpire

• Warren S. in Mesa, AZ writes:

I think I found the ump that tossed Clay the other day.

An umpire’s take on Clay’s ejection

• Brent P. in Indiana, who umps up and down the amateur ranks, writes:

I will try to be as brief as possible in response to Michael L. and both videos. I will agree with a lot of what Clay has to say. Remember in an email at the start of the season where I explained how you know if you have an umpire that is good. He has his shoes polished, and shined. Clothes neatly cleaned and pressed. Face shaven or neatly groomed. I would bet this guy failed on all fronts. In all the years I have umpired, only one time did I have a partner leave mid game to go to the bathroom. It was a Varsity game. Sometimes nature calls. However, sorry, not sorry if I can hear you dropping “f bombs” as a result of a play or call, in the midst of 11 year old’s, and I think the 11 year old’s can hear the swearing, then you are gone. And you don’t get to watch from outfield foul line. You are going to your car. Clay 0 Umpire 1

That being said. The way Clay describes the play, the umpire was wrong. The batter is protected from interfering while in the batter’s box. This does not mean he can’t interfere while in the box (i.e. an intentional movement), and just because the batter is out of the box does not make it automatic. There has to be interference. Clay 1 Umpire 1

On making it personal with Clay. Clay 2 Umpire 1

On the topic of jewelry. It is National Federation of High School Rules (NFHS) that Jewelry is not permitted unless it is a religious symbol, which is then required to be taped down, or a medical awareness item. During the high school season we enforce this rule all the time. However, when summer rolls around, most of us let the kids be kids. And many of the kids are only wearing the jewelry because they see the pro and college players wearing it. Let them emulate their baseball hero. Point can go either way, especially if you interject the safety issue. Clay 3 Umpire 2

On the topic of bat throwing, I have nothing to help here. If Clay’s version is as it was, the umpire was wrong. Clay 4 Umpire 2

Umpires or sports officials in general are like police officers. We wouldn’t be there if you didn’t try to cheat. And let me tell you baseball players like to cheat. I know because I was one. We have a set of rules that have to be applied. Like some police officers who are doing it to keep peace for the greater good, some of us are doing it because we love the game. And like some police officers, there are officials that enjoy the power and authority. Overall Clay wins 4 to 2

Video #2

All I can say is there is always more to the story. Remember the lame stream media tried to convince us Nick Sandman was a smug, elitist, racist, with one tiny clip… Maybe the batter called the umpire a cock sucker as he threw his shin guard. But yes Mike L is correct robo-umpires are going to be here before you know it and we will be longing for the days of a good ole fashioned argument with the umpires. Hell, with replay, I miss it already. Think about the last time you saw an Earl Weaver type tantrum.

I failed to be brief. Make sure Clay sees my take on it.

Old-timers get together for Vols baseball

• Galen in TN, one of my favorite emailers of 2022, writes:

Thank you for celebrating this Memorial Day weekend with all of us regular Americans. What a great time remembering and celebrating what has made us the greatest of all the world’s free nations!

I enjoyed your recent shout-out to College Baseball and wanted to follow up. You featured a recent email of mine regarding my high school buddies of 50 years that went camping on a Senior Citizen Beach Trip 47 years after our High School Senior Year Beach Trip. While on the trip we enjoyed watching our Tennessee Vols win their first SEC Basketball Championship since we were in college!

We weren’t about to give up those good vibes so we just transformed over to the Vols baseball team.

We continued to get together for weekend games and it really got crazy when our ATL buddy could come home and join us! BOOM! An SEC Baseball Championship is now in our books, so this is the Spring/Summer of our retirement dreams!

Much respect to you, being a great rep of the MidWest, for watching the SEC Championship between my Vols and the Gators…must see TV indeed. I recommend that all the ‘Caps fan base take a little time and enjoy the college games the next few weekends (AFTER we mow on Thursdays!).

SEC baseball championship trip
SEC basketball championship trip


And we’re officially ready to roll today. It’s supposed to be a beautiful 75 and sunny. The lawn needs a mow. The plants are popping. The patio is cleaned off. We’re dialed in on June 2.

I know you’re still struggling after the holiday weekend. Hang in there. You’re so close to that vacation, if you’re not already on it.

Take care.


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