Russia Seizes Europe’s Largest Nuclear Plant In Latest Attack

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Russian forces reached the largest nuclear power plant in Europe on Thursday and unleashed heavy fire.

A building was seen burning from within the nuclear plant Zaporizhzhia, located in the Ukrainian city of Enerhodar.


The plant had seen a barrage of fire from the Russian military.

Footage surfaced of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s tanks and troops firing at the nuclear plant — seen as a ploy by the Russians to shut down power around Ukraine and impair resources for sheltered civliians.


On Wednesday, Reuters reported Ukraine had suffered over 2,000 civilian casualties to date as part of Putin’s military operation, which many have deemed as a call for world war.

President Zelenskyy called the attack on Zaporizhzhia “nuclear terrorism.” Both he and U.S. President Joe Biden made a plea to Putin late Thursday to cease his attack as the plant’s defenses were weakened.

Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also delivered an emergency statement as Zaporizhzhia was under fire.

Kuleba called the potential ramifications of sabotaging the massive nuclear plant “10 times larger than Chernobyl.”

Early reporting on Friday announced that the Russian forces overtook Zaporizhzhia.

According to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, no irregularities were seen from materials within the plant, and “mitigatory actions” were taken to avert a nuclear disaster.

Though still facing stiff competition with the Ukrainians, Russia’s military operation has been expedited in the past few days.

Putin’s overtaking of Zaporizhzhia, Kherson (the first major Ukrainian city to be claimed) and display of a 40-mile long stretch of military force attest to the authoritarian’s frustrations and eagerness to eradicate life in Ukraine as its people know it.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Fake news bro. Russia went to the plant just like they did at Chernobyl to make sure the Ukrainians couldn’t do a false flag operation which would be used to draw the west in. Once they arrived the Ukrainians started firing RPG’s at the Russian tanks. Soon after a fire broke out in an administrative building. Nuclear reactors were never at risk like Zelensky said. He lied. He lied to try to get the west to act emotionally and attack the Russians. There is zero reasons that Putin would want to cause a nuclear meltdown. The winds there blow easterly and would carry the nuclear fallout to Russia . Causing destruction at any nuclear power plant in Ukraine benefits only one party in this, Ukraine. This was just another example of the insane propaganda coming out of Ukraine. Please use your brain and do not amplify their propaganda.

    • I was thinking the same thing when I heard the initial reports last night. Why on earth would Russia want to destroy a nuclear power plant on the land they are taking and pollute it for generations to come? This is going to be THEIR LAND! That makes absolutely no sense and does not add up, but media went with that crazy report anyway because Ukraine said so. Most initial reports are total garbage. We are getting a lot of reports like this from main stream news shoved down our throats to escalate things, and then we find out it’s not true. That’s immoral reporting. Even today Ukraine just admitted the only fire was at the administrative building and no high radiation levels are reported…totally made up. And the more I watch how this Ukraine administration operates the more I am worried they are going to try to stage something to draw us or NATO into this war based on some lie. There are already reports of their troops using human shields and positioning weaponry in civilian populated areas to draw fire for example, now this. My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people, they don’t deserve this, but their leadership is not doing them any favors in how they are trying to escalate rather than seek peace. The longer the leaders draw this out clinging to power and pride the worse it’s going to get for the innocent people.

  2. Everything coming out of Ukraine has been pure propaganda. They’ve now been caught lying twice saying Russia was attacking nuclear power plants. Chernobyl a few days ago and the one last night. Zelensky is desperately trying to get the west in this war and he’s playing on our emotions to do it. Imagine if we made a rash decisions to engage Putin because Zelensky said Putin is shelling the reactors. Zelensky is a bad guy. Ukraine is corrupt as hell. Zelensky is backed by Obama, Soros, Clinton, Biden. Need I say more. That’s all we should need to know. Whatever they are for we should be 100% against. The Ukrainians have literal nazis fighting in their military. They have nazis in their parliament. Like full out Hitler loving nazis. And Facebook just changed their hate speech rules so you can support them on Facebook . They’re called the azov battalion. Look up the story. You can’t make this shit up.

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