Russell Westbrook Gets Offended After Reporter Asks Him Totally Fair Question About A Turnover

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Russell Westbrook had two turnovers during the Lakers’ 18-point loss to the Clippers on Tuesday night. One resulted in him and teammate Dennis Schroeder going back and forth at one another on the bench. When asked after the game about the specific play, Westbrook decided to act offended.

Early in the fourth quarter, Westbrook threw an errant inbound pass to Schroeder and the ball was stolen. The Clippers took advantage with Kawhi Leonard completing a three-point play and any momentum the Lakers were searching for was destroyed.

During his postgame press conference, a reporter asked “where did you and Dennis get crossed up on that inbounds play?”

It’s a totally valid question from the reporter, especially after a blowout loss, but Westbrook didn’t appreciate it.

“What’d you mean crossed up?” Westbrook asked the reporter. “What’d you mean? How were we crossed up?”

“I mean I assume the turnover wasn’t the goal of the play,” the reporter responded. “I’m wondering what the goal of the play was.”

“What was the cross-up then?” Westbrook clapped back. “You said there was a cross-up. So, where’s the cross-up, you said it, you said there was a cross-up on that play.”

Given his facial expression when the reporter began asking his question, you could tell Westbrook wanted no part in talking with them.

Russell Westbrook has never been one to accept negative press thrown his way. He’s also never been one to exactly live in reality.

The reality is that his Lakers are 22-26 on the year despite the fact that LeBron James is playing at an absurdly high level, averaging over 30 points per game. Westbrook and his teammates have provided zero help for James this season, and snapping at a reporter for asking a normal question can’t help the bad situation in La La Land.

Written by Mark Harris

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