Rush Limbaugh Gives Emotional Update to Listeners

Wednesday, on Rush Limbaugh’s final broadcast of 2020, the radio legend spent a segment updating his listeners on his battle with terminal lung cancer. Limbaugh, as always, made sure to thank his listeners, who are, to use his word, “family.”

“My point in all of this today is gratitude,” Limbaugh begins. “My point in all of this is to say thanks and tell everybody involved how much I love you from the bottom of a sizable and growing and still-beating heart.”

Limbaugh detailed the early moments of his diagnosis:

“Well, back in late January when I received this diagnosis — and I was shocked,” he said. “I was stunned, and I was in denial for about a week. I mean, I’m Rush Limbaugh. I’m Mister Big of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. I mean, I’m indestructible. I said, ‘This can’t be right,’ but it was.”

Limbaugh said he lives each day knowing there’s an expiration date, but remains positive:

“I can’t be self-absorbed about it, when that is the tendency when you are told that you’ve got a due date. You have an expiration date. A lot of people never get told that, so they don’t face life this way.

“What I didn’t know at the time that I learned later in the course of the year was that I wasn’t expected to be alive today,” he said. “I wasn’t expected to make it to October and then to November and then to December — and yet here I am. Today I’ve got some problems, but I’m feeling pretty good today. God’s with me today. God knows how important this program is to me today, and I’m feeling natural in terms of energy, normal in terms of energy, and I’m feeling entirely capable of doing it today.”

Following the segment, hosts across the media industry tweeted out much-deserved support and prayers to Limbaugh.

Long ago, Limbaugh established his legacy as the most influential, important political voice in the country. In fact, no single personality has changed the landscape like he has. It remains a treat today to listen to Rush Limbaugh open the mic for three hours, with no guests, on a wide range of the most critical topics.

Prayers to him, his family, and loved ones.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. i knew this was coming weeks and maybe even months ago. i feel like Rush is the older brother that i wished i had. all my bros have passed, but none were like Rush.

    i’ve been reflecting on Rush for the last year. i realized that since i returned to College in 1990-91 to finish my degree, Rush was with me.

    he has traveled with me overseas. he has been with me on vacations and long travels for work. Rush has been with me during trying family tragedies and with me when i passed the DC Bar (i had rush on my headphones) and he was there when i buried my brothers and my father.

    2020 has been many things, but most of all it has been an opportunity to reflect and appreciate what has been special in our lives.

    i should feel alone and lonely with all that has happened and yet i don’t, because i take Rush with me. his voice and mind and style are with me whenever i do anything. i never called in to his show, because i always felt that i would screw it up if i did. i just might make that happen in 2021 if i can.

    i can honestly say i Love Rush. Merry Christmas 😎

  2. My now 79 year old father introduced me to Rush back in 1992. I had to find him on am radio. I have since introduced him to my now 30 year old son. We all listen, love and respect him immensely. I hope he can continue well into 2021, but I fear we are going to lose the most important conservative voice of all time soon. I love Rush because of his honesty and optimism. He has helped shape 3 generations of my family and whenever he stops talking, there will be a huge hole in our lives.

  3. A friend introduced Rush to me around 1993 and I soon became a loyal listener. I totally understand why he is despised by the left. He has always been a champion of conservatism and a voice of reason and wisdom. Rush is a national treasure and a true American patriot. His shoes will be impossible to fill.

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