Ruggs-Related Tweet A Giant Mistake By Kadarius Toney

The New York Giants likely didn’t draft rookie receiver Kadarius Toney for his tact. If they did, they need to reevaluate their scouting department. One day after Raiders second-year wideout Henry Ruggs III was arrested and charged for a drunk driving accident that resulted in the death of a 23-year-old woman, Toney tweeted in support of Ruggs and referred to the deadly crash as “a mistake”:

“We young…everybody make mistakes…ya’ll lookin at the situation like ‘this or that’ kuz it ain’t y’all…having so much to say… he know he messed up don’t drag em for it…that’s goofy to me…just pray for the families involved.”

The ill-advised tweet was instantly met with so much outrage that Toney soon blocked users from commenting on it.

Something tells me the family of the deceased would view the accident as more than just “a mistake.” Ruggs had a blood alcohol level that was more than two times the legal limit and was driving more than 150 mph when he struck the victim’s car, causing it to burst into flames. The woman and her dog perished in the fire.

Upon hearing about Toney’s tweet, Giants coach Joe Judge said he immediately addressed the receiver.

“I talked to Kadarius. It’s important that we understand how we articulate our words and put them out there,” Judge said following Thursday’s practice. “Ultimately, our prayers are with everybody. This is a situation no one wants to see happen to anybody. … While no one is in any way, shape or form dismissing the consequences at all, it’s horrible on both sides.”

Judge made sure to tell the assembled post-practice media that he has no issue with Toney, but he expects him to mature.

“I have no questions about [Toney’s] character. I think it’s important people understand that — I talk about it all the time, I can deal with personalities,” added Judge. “Now, that doesn’t mean at some point you don’t have to address something with somebody.

“He’s a young player, and we’ve got to continue to help this guy grow as a professional.”

If Toney doesn’t heed Judge’s advice, his selection in the first round of last April’s draft could look like a Giant mistake.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Ha, articulate his words. Not this generation coach, you must have been in a dream that you were back in 1985 or something. A tweet is deemed articulate in today’s world. Interesting that the media is treating Henry Ruggs better than Jon Gruden over some damn emails. Yes Ruggs made a mistake, but a calculated mistake. He got shit faced and got behind the wheel of his car and drove 156 MPH that resulted in the death of another person. I don’t feel bad for Ruggs at all.

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