Rugby Player Suspended For Ruthlessly Attacking Player’s Butt And Smiling

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Ever wondered what it looks like at the bottom of the pile after a fumble?

I don’t know why you would. Frankly, it sounds terrible.

However, if you have … you’re in luck.

Brace yourselves for some serious Animal Planet footage.

That move, ladies and gents, gets you a one-way ticket to the unemployment line in the world of rugby.

Corey Norman suspended for handsy attack of Oliver Holmes

Corey Norman, the handsy player in the above video, has been suspended eight games and fined about $600 for “intentionally” placing his hand “between the buttocks” of Oliver Holmes, according to the The Rugby Football League.

Eh. Eight games and $600 bucks? Does the punishment really fit the crime?

Obviously, we have some serious questions here.

For starters: Corey, why’d ya do it? Why?!

“At no point does the footage show a grabbing of the shorts to push Oliver Holmes down as described by Corey Norman,” the league said in a statement when asked about the punishment. “The footage shows a deliberate placing of Corey Norman’s hands and fingers on the buttocks …”

Grabbing of the shorts to push him down? That’s what we’re going with? He was already down, my man! That was NEVER going to hold up.

Second, and perhaps most important question here … what’s with the smile?

It’s clear as day in the video that Norman is SMILING during the act, and I’ve even asked the folks in graphic design to get me a clearer picture.

Corey Norman (left) won’t be playing again any time soon.


Norman, according to reports, initially pleaded not guilty at his disciplinary hearing. An absolutely wild stance to take if we’re being honest, especially if he knew he was caught on camera SMILING!

The move – with the video evidence – coupled with the player off-camera clearly pointing at the act, COMBINED with a complaint afterwards from Holmes was obviously enough for a slam dunk case.

The eight-game suspension means Norman will miss the rest of the season. The 31-year-old Australian was also reportedly considering retiring after the year anyways, and this appears to be as good of a jumping off point as any.

If he does call it quits, what a way to go.

Written by Zach Dean

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