Rugby Fan Flashes ABC News Reporter During Live Report

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Prior to NSW Blues besting QLD Maroons in Sunday rugby, a female fan let it all hang out for cameras (and viewers) to see.

As an ABC News reporter stood outside of Perth’s Optus Stadium previewing the game with thousand of raucous fans starting to file in, a female fan (briefly) wearing a Queensland beanie and scarf, decided to provide tv viewers with a pre-match look at a couple of bouncing balls.

Unprompted – though one would assume some liquid courage was consumed – the fan wasted little time raising her shirt and giving viewers more than a peek at her anatomy. While doing so, she kept a smile and quickly made her way through the entire viewing screen.

Watch the scene below, courtesy of Viral Q Channel.


The reporter was unaware of the happenings behind her, though a handful of male fans quickly followed the flasher with knowing smiles. Who knew they’d witness such a titillating experience even before kickoff?

Queensland’s perky fan should’ve saved the distraction for the game. The Maroons’ opponent was locked in as the Blues ran away with a 28-point win, 44-12.

It was arguably their breast showing of the season.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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