Royce White Wants An Investigation Into Maui Fires, Thinks ‘Energy Weapons’ May Be To Blame

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Former NBA player Royce White says he wants answers and an investigation into what caused the deadly wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

White appeared in three career NBA Games (which is three more than you ever played in). He now plays in the BIG3 basketball league and is also running for the US Senate.

The former Sacramento King posts a lot of videos on his Instagram in which he discusses politics. In one of these videos, he demanded an investigation into what the Maui wildfires take place.

“That makes me feel terrible for the people there in Maui, but it’s a sign of things to come. And when I say investigate Maui, I say it because regardless of what took place, we, the people should always demand answers,” White said.

“We should always demand answers of the people in power in this country. Those are our people. Those are American citizens. I don’t care how many miles they are off the coast.”

Alright, I’m with him so far. Although, considering this was a massive, destructive wildfire, there’s going to be an investigation without White demanding one.

Investigations never hurt anything whether they’re looking into what caused a wildfire, the familial business dealing of the President of the United States, or why otherwise healthy adults are dropping dead.

This isn’t the first time he has called for an investigation into what caused those horrific fires in Maui. He even wrote it on his head during a BIG3 game.

Exploring possibilities or explanations will never be a bad thing. Even if the possible explanation seems a touch “out there,”

White talked about one such theory. That “a directed-energy weapon or something of that nature, something very military, something very scientific or technologically advanced” started the blaze.

Uh… what?

White mentioned how directed-energy weapons, or DEWs — weapons that use focused energy as opposed to solid projectiles — are real. He’s right about that. Numerous countries have spent money developing them, but according to Newsweek, they have not been fully implemented by the US government.

The Senate candidate talked about how the private sector would have access to this technology.

“The private sector and private sector companies that are merchants of the military-industrial complex have these types of weapon systems.”

And the first thing they’d do with them is…light Hawaii on fire?

Look, we all know some conspiracy theories turned out to be true. Area 51 exists, the government colluded with big tech to sensor the Hunter Biden laptop story, and what do you know, the lab where they studied viruses in Wuhan, China, is most likely where COVID came from.

But energy weapons started the Maui wildfires? Yeah, I don’t think so.

It’s good to ask questions, especially when what you’re being told isn’t congruent with the evidence in front of you, but not everything has to be explained by a conspiracy theory. This is, most certainly, one of those cases.

At the moment, the prevailing explanation now is that faulty powerlines are to blame for the fires that have killed more than 100 people.

That seems like a more than reasonable explanation, but until a full investigation is completed we won’t know definitively.

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