Round Mound Of Wedded Bliss? Barkley Talks Relationship

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Charles Barkley’s spent the majority of his post-NBA career on television discussing the game he loves. Now, he’s bouncing over to a different realm, talking about the woman he loves – his wife of 33 years – and giving tips to a successful marriage.

Sir Charles is the rare athlete who’s been a one-woman man for the entirety of his career, both while active in the NBA and since he retired. Not surprisingly, he credits his frequent travels as one of the reasons he and his wife, Maureen, have stayed together for more than three decades.

“Well number one, I’m gone a lot. That always helps,” Barkley joked during an appearance on The Sessions podcast with Renee Paquette.

In addition to all of the time spent on the road, Barkley credits his wife for their lasting marriage.

“The main reason is, she accepts me flaws and all,” Barkley said of his wife.

“… She doesn’t judge me. She accepts me how I am. She’s a great mother.” Barkley continued.

Though he is one of the most popular players of all time, on and off the court, Barkley’s managed to keep his wife and daughter out of the spotlight. He credits his wife for being able to handle those times when he’s away from the camera and the pressure that follows.

“The one thing about being in the limelight,” Barkley starting telling Paquette. “People only look at the good stuff. It’s a lot of crap that goes on behind the scenes. And I used to take it home all the time. I don’t take it home anymore.”

Just like his game, Barkley’s marriage has never required a rebound.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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