WATCH: Yankees’ Rougned Odor Calls For Time Before Blasting 3-Run Score

The Yanks were up six-to-nil in the seventh inning when Rougned Odor arrived at the plate. What ensued during Saturday’s routing of the Minnesota Twins, 7-1, was a flub by Odor that led to a collective exhale from the Minnesota dugout.

With runners on first and third, Odor held his bat up, awaiting a pitch from Ralph Garza, Jr., before he called for time at the very last moment. Garza stuck with flinging the pitch, which prompted Odor to get both grips back and hit the ball deep right for a home run.

The potential three-run score was then nullified after the ump waved off the play, per the requested timeout. Rougie’s jog to first redirected back to home plate for an eventual strikeout.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone spoke to the media regarding the play. “Rougie asked for time. Sometimes you don’t get it. So it’s a really good job by Rougie of not assuming anything and staying in there. That’s a tough one to live with as a hitter.”

Minnesota Twins manager Rocco Baldelli also gave his thoughts on the strange sequence. “I’ve never seen that in my life. It’s just quite the unusual play; very odd. I don’t even remember seeing people swing in that situation. And not only was there a swing, there was a ball hit over the fence. I think everyone on the field, even on the other side, knew that time was clearly called. But it was just quite the unusual play.”

New York’s Andrew Velazquez made up for Odor’s play by scoring his first career home run in the eighth. His family delightfully reacted to the score.

Odor’s mishap may have prevented a 9-0 lead by the Yanks, but the club still went on to extend their win streak to nine games. Which certainly doesn’t stink.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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