Rookie Coach Urban Meyer Helps Jags With Breastfeeding

Years from now when Urban Meyer’s inevitably preparing the USC Trojans for their season opener, he’ll look back at his NFL coaching tenure in Jacksonville and think: “It was the breast of times, it was the worst of times.” Not wanting to be labeled a boob, the rookie head coach is currently helping players with more than just Xs and Os, he’s also assisting with breastfeeding.

Though he couldn’t nurse Tim Tebow’s career back to life, Meyer helped another Jaguar and his wife in getting breastfeeding assistance from an area hospital.

Following the birth of his daughter, Jacksonville linebacker Josh Allen and his wife Kaitlyn had Meyer contact a hospital CEO on their behalf to ask about breastfeeding. Per NBC Sports’ Peter King, the Allens preferred to breastfeed their little of bundle joy, but a hospital nurse advised against doing so. In came Meyer: “I called the CEO of the hospital and asked for his help.”

Before long, the Allens had a breast-fed newborn, and the rookie head coach says he’s just happy to help.

“I’m just glad he had enough confidence in me to call me,” said Meyer via NBC Sports. “It’s a dysfunctional organization if he doesn’t feel confident that he can call me about anything. Of course his mind’s on his wife. Guess what? His mind should be on his wife. That’s our job. That’s why he calls his coaches.”

Entering his third season with the Jags, Allen’s pumped to have Meyer helping out both inside and outside the Jaguars’ facility: “After he helped fix that situation, I knew I could go to work with the peace of mind that my wife’s going to be okay. It meant everything to me.”

Breastfeeding aside, what Jacksonville accomplishes on the field will ultimately determine whether the Urban Meyer hire is a bust.

Written by Anthony Farris

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