Clay Travis: Ron DeSantis Proves Cost Of The Woke

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OutKick founder Clay Travis said the way to combat the “crazy wokeness in this country is to argue for normalcy instead.”

“I think now that Ron DeSantis is starting to prove what we finally agreed within Outkick, which is you can’t keep getting slapped in the face and saying thank you and doing nothing about it,” Travis said. “Instead, what needs to happen is there needs to be an aggressive posture put in place. And that’s what Governor Ron DeSantis is doing. Make there be stakes.”


Travis said when woke companies make decisions, pushing back against them and showing them that there is a cost is vital because sooner or later, deterrence will lead to the companies going back to normalcy.

Florida’s Governor took $35 million in state funds that were going to go to the Tampa Bay Rays for a spring training facility, and took it back after the Rays decided to get “woke in their politics.”

“Similarly, the Special Olympics had a COVID vaccine requirement in order to compete,” Travis said. “A lot of parents said, ‘This doesn’t make any sense. My kids are safe. They’ve already had COVID.’ Ron DeSantis said that the Special Olympics vaccine requirement to compete that it violated the law in Florida. And guess what happened? Special Olympics eliminated the requirement for a COVID shot.

Here’s everything Clay Travis had to say:

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