Ron DeSantis Roasts Bud Light While Bartending For Veterans

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis might enjoy handing out beers, but he definitely won’t sling Bud Light.

The popular conservative politician is making the rounds around America as he attempts to secure the GOP nomination for 2024.

He found himself serving drinks to veterans at VFW Post 9211 in Sparks, Nevada over the weekend, and he made it clear that while he was happy to hand out some beers, Bud Light wouldn’t be allowed.

“Just so you know, I’ll serve you anything but Bud Light,” DeSantis joked with veterans in attendance, who got one hell of a laugh out of the situation.

It appeared he handed one man a Coors Banquet. A great choice for any man who has a little wildness in his spirit.

Ron DeSantis rips Bud Light.

Ron DeSantis isn’t a fan of Bud Light, and he’s not alone. The beer brand continues to get lit up after going woke and teaming up with Dylan Mulvaney.

Sales have fallen off a cliff, Anheuser-Busch’s stock price has tumbled and A-B CEO Brendan Whitworth reportedly is planning a trip across America to help slow the bleeding.

BL also lost its spot as America’s top-selling beer. That spot now belongs to Modelo.

Modelo took the top-selling beer spot in America away from Bud Light. (Photo Illustration by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The beer brand continues to bleed out.

You know you’re in big trouble when crushing your brand is now a talking point in a Presidential primary. Anheuser-Busch’s most popular beer used to simply be a light beer that people drank at sporting events or after a long day of work.

Now, it’s a beer that gets openly mocked and criticized. After decades and decades as a beer powerhouse, Bud Light is now a joke to many people thanks to one Instagram promo from Dylan Mulvaney.

It takes years to build a successful brand. Yet, it can be ruined with one Instagram post. Now, Ron DeSantis is using BL’s collapse to crack jokes among potential voters.

Will Bud Light continue to get roasted by Ron DeSantis and others? That’s a guarantee you almost certainly take to the bank.

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