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Is this the Holy Grail of Vintage Huts?

Just as I was beginning to lose faith that we’d ever find a truly vintage Pizza Hut straight out of the late 1980s or early 1990s, along comes loyal Screencaps reader Jon U. from Dahlonega with a report that will send shockwaves through the Caps community.

There’s still a classic Hut out there that still uses the red table clothes and still has the Hut stained glass table lights (that go for $500 EACH on eBay).

I’ll let Jon tell the rest of the story.

• Jon U. from Dahlonega, Georgia writes:

We have a dine-in, full-service Pizza Hut here.  The last time I went there was about 12 years ago when they told me it would take about an hour and a half for a dine-in pizza. (Staffing issues before that became normal). A more recent report was when a friend of mine showed how they served a Bud Light (which was in the bottle, unopened, sitting in a chilled mug.)

So, after your request to do some field research, my wife and I went back to the Pizza Hut (which is actually quite close to our house). I’ve provided photos of the experience. They had the salad bar with the basketballs on top. My wife got a salad which was not bad although some ingredients needed to be replenished.

I asked for a beer and the server said that they hadn’t been getting beers for a few months. I tried to dig in to see if they just didn’t get them or somehow no longer had a license to serve them but he didn’t really know.

We ordered a medium Thin and Crispy with pepperoni and bacon and I will have to say, it was quite good. We also purchased two basketballs to give to my granddaughters. We’ll probably go back again sometime.


For those who are new around here, I want to make it clear, again, that the Hut content IS #NOTsponsored. Honestly, I would’ve moved on from the Hut coverage, but now I’m receiving multiple emails per day on Hut memories and field reports.

If the community is dialed in on the Hut, then so am I. Keep the reports coming. Keep looking for a truly vintage Hut in the wild.

Keep in mind, I think the definition of a truly vintage Hut has been set here by Jon. U., who sent me a follow-up email stating his Hut DOES STILL SERVE BEER, but they just haven’t received a shipment for the last couple of weeks.

Now it’s game-on.

Can one of you find a Hut that has the $500 stained glass lights, the table clothes, the salad bar AND draft beer? Oh, and a red Hut roof. That’s the challenge this week. Pop your head into the nearest Hut. Let’s see what we can find.


Another stack of TNML stickers is ready to go out

  1. Monday, after school, I had my kids help me stuff the post office box with over 140 or so envelopes that have been dispatched across the United States. A pile of well over 100 went out last week. Now I’ve hammered through the Twitter DM requests and the next step is to work through the hundreds of email requests.
  2. Based on last night’s envelope work, it’s clear that TNML is gaining steam in Kentucky.
  3. Georgia is always strong.
  4. I’d also like to recognize the fine people of Kansas. You guys LOVE to mow.
  5. It’s been nice to hear from the millennials who are having their eyes opened to a new way of living. Welcome to the club, millennials. Your life is about to change for the better.

What does TNML mean to this country?

• Jason R. writes:

Hey Joe. Thanks for the sticker love! My son’s artistic impression of my score. Looking forward to the season. Had some rare snow here in Nor Cal (Redding) recently. We’re more known for drought and 110 in the summer which has made for weekly participation difficult. Can’t wait for the season kick-off. Look for driveway chalk art v2 soon!


Are you kidding me right now? This stuff nearly brings a tear of joy to my eyes.

This makes me think back all those years ago to 2021 when people laughed at the thought of an online mowing league where Americans could come together in the name of pride in property and community. The pundits thought it was one of the dumbest ideas they’d ever heard of.

Then TNML sold tens of thousands of dollars in t-shirts.

Then the pundits laughed at the NASCAR-ification of TNML with the introduction of league stickers so members could brand their mowers.

Now there are thousands of league members across the country who have branded their mowers with league colors.

The pundits said this would never work.

Now TNML has a legitimate NYC-based Fox News Corp. sales team (#notkidding) led by Mike M., who is a TNML member. I was chatting about biz one day when all of a sudden Mike M. dropped this bomb off the top rope. That’s his yard. That’s the turf of the guy who is out there selling TNML to brands who NEED to be working with an absolute rocketship.

Keep thinking TNML is a dumb idea, pundits.

German self-serve Breathalyzer

• Mike T. is still in Europe crushing beers and found this:

Today, the Ts are at Lowenbrau in Munich:

On moles and how to defeat them in your yard

• Ron M. writes:

I believe the mole query was directed to me, I am sorry that I cannot remember my fellow Screencappers name.

Mole solutions that works best are… buy a condo or live on a boat.  

We took out all of the front and backyards over summer. We then did the following:

1. After roto-tilling everything, we spread HUGE amounts of grub and bug killer (anti-mole formula) EVERYWHERE.

2. Then we rolled yards flat crushing any remaining tunnels as best we could.

3. Laid heavy-duty tarps where we put bark dust.  

4. Laid sod.

5. Again spread copious amounts of grub killer. 

6. And yet these God Forsaken spawn of the Taliban at Bora Bora and the VC at Cu Chi came back. 

7. Since we are county but within city limits sniping them w/ my .22 firing subsonic ammo is a no no and traps are a nuisance (dog will eat the dead ones if we don’t find them first) we therefore go for shock and awe.

8. When we see a hole we open it up and drop in 2 gopher bombs then and this is KEY, put the end of your leaf blower (set at highest power) in the hole and smoke that Effer out.

Sidebar – #8 gets depressing when you see the smoke tendrils come up thru your lawn and you realize you are attacking an entire mole civilization.

9. Fill the hole up and squash any obvious tunnels. 

10. Wash, rinse, repeat – forever. 

Masters memories

• Charles F. writes:

Recent posts have made me recall my one trip to the Masters in 1972.  A friend and I went to Augusta sans tickets but back then you could expect to buy tickets on the street at a reasonable price, which we did for the Saturday and Sunday rounds.  As now, the course was magical, the crowds friendly and polite (one exception), and the food delicious and inexpensive (fantastic fried chicken). 

And I well remember sitting in the 15th fairway bleachers and hearing Jack Nicklaus being booed by the crowd as he walked up the fairway.  This was because he was winning easily and trouncing Palmer, the longtime idol of the Masters crowd.  As you know, Nicklaus later transformed himself from a pudge into the Golden Bear and won over that same crowd. 

One tip:  spend some time following one of the former greats.  The gallery will be small and the player is likely to be friendly. We followed Gary Player and he engaged the gallery frequently.

Millennial says Boomers need to learn how to take iPhone photos

• Millennial Mike is back with a lesson for the Screencaps Boomers:

I understand that much of the Screencaps community grew up walking uphills both ways to school, staying out until the streetlights came on and took their best girl to the movies and dinner for .25 cents. Why is it that boomers have such issues taking pictures with an iPhone?!?!

Basic elements like lighting and framing seem daunting. It takes very minimal skills to take great pictures.

1-Make sure the lighting source is behind you. This removes shadows on the subjects face.
2-Capture the subjects face without cutting off foreheads/chins.
3-use the grid lines to frame and center the picture better.
3-Take 1 million photos and go thru them later. It’s not like the camera has to print Polaroids after each snap.
4-When you film, turn the camera to landscape mode

And for the love of all that is holy, turn off ‘live’ mode!!!!!


It’s probably time to do a column audit to figure out the dominant age range for Screencaps. I’m going to say 37-49 is the wheelhouse.

That’s it for this morning.

The sun is out. The birds are chirping. The plants are rising out of the ground. Spring is in the air. Patio SZN is near.

Have an incredible day across this incredible place we get to call home and a place where some nobody can start an online mowing league from the ground up and get paid to blog about vintage Pizza Huts. It’s not lost on me that I get to live the dream.

Take care.


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