Cowardice-2020 Pandemic Ravaging Roger Goodell, Troy Vincent And The NFL

The real pandemic destroying America isn’t COVID-19.

It’s a lack of principle-based, unselfish, masculine leadership. It’s a failure of men, an en-masse surrender to a secular culture that pursues status, wealth and power by any means necessary.

We’re eight days from the start of professional football, and it’s clear my beloved National Football League will follow the NBA’s path of turning its games into shrines for Black Lives Matter. 

The names George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Jacob Blake, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and other alleged victims of police brutality will appear on the back of NFL helmets. The league will paint social justice slogans in end zones and play the black national anthem (“Lift Every Voice and Sing”) before games.

Tuesday, in a joint news conference, commissioner Roger Goodell and his top black assistant, Troy Vincent, publicly announced their capitulation to BLM, aka, Bigots Love Marxism. 

“The NFL stands with the black community, the players, clubs and fans,” Goodell said. “Confronting recent systemic racism with tangible and productive steps is absolutely essential. We will not relent in our work. We will redouble our efforts to be catalysts for the urgent and sustainable change that our society and communities so desperately need. I’m so proud of everyone across our league and others who have taken a stand using their voices and platforms to continue to shine the spotlight on things that must change. By listening and working and understanding our players, we built the foundation for tangible change through our Inspire Change initiative.”

There’s so much wrong with Goodell’s statement that I hardly know where to begin.

He stands with the black community? The white kids burning down Portland and Seattle under the pretense of black lives mattering represent the black community? 

Confronting recent systemic racism? There’s no proof George Floyd’s death had anything to do with his race. None. Same goes for Jacob Blake. Breonna Taylor? According to an excellent longform story in the New York Times, on the night of Taylor’s death Louisville police executed four separate raids related to the drug case involving Taylor and her ex-boyfriend. There was gunfire at just one of the raids, and that was sparked by Taylor’s new boyfriend firing at and hitting a police officer first. 

You could argue there’s systemic overreaction to criminal resistance by law enforcement, but it’s nearly impossible to trace the overreaction to race. This week Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a black man, Dijon Kizzee. He is the seventh man LA sheriff’s deputies have killed since George Floyd’s death. The reason you don’t know this is because the victims have been black, white and Hispanic.

I digress. Let’s return to Goodell and Vincent, the NFL’s Starsky and Hutch of police investigations. Vincent, the league’s vice president of football operations, said NFL players have the right to sit out games to protest social injustice. 

“They all have a choice, an individual choice and right to either sit out or protest, however one would characterize it,” Vincent said, according to the Washington Post.

Disagreement with how police respond to high-stress situations is the new sick day. Do all workers have this right or is this solely reserved for NFL and NBA players building social media brands?

I’ve yet to mention Vincent’s most infuriating comment. He defended his push to get NFL owners to embrace BLM by referencing his Christian faith.

“I ask my Lord and savior Jesus Christ to allow me to be a bridge builder,” Vincent said. “And I try to stay on the premise of educating, whether that’s a player or a club owner. I just speak to humanity.”

Black Lives Matter is founded in Marxism. It’s founders have publicly acknowledged they’re trained in Marxist political theory. Karl Marx was an atheist who preached religion is the opiate of the oppressed. Marxism, communism and socialism all are hostile toward religion. 

Vincent is building a bridge to satan. 

We all are. I don’t want to single out Vincent. All of us, men and women, have been swallowing a mainstreaming of immorality for decades. 

Hollywood popular culture, which is controlled by white liberals, has been defining black culture as degenerate, criminal, materialistic and sexually hedonistic for at least six decades. For the last 30 years, commercial hip hop music is their main injection needle to impose this morally-bankrupt culture.

It’s worked. Black Americans went from being defined by black religious leaders to black drug dealers-turned-rappers, from MLK to Tupac. 

Thanks to strategic marketing, Tupac went from sexual-assault prisoner to cult hero virtually overnight. It’s similar to the path Kenosha’s Jacob Blake traveled. George Floyd experienced a similar instantaneous transformation after putting a gun to the belly of a pregnant black woman and suffocating at the knee of a Minneapolis cop. 

No one thinks this is weird? Crazy? Dangerous?

Or is this just good-old-fashioned Christian bridge building?

I believe in the concept of religious redemption. But this isn’t a game of Monopoly where you land on the police-brutality square and get a free trip to hero worship. The content of his character, wisdom and work transformed street criminal Malcolm Little into revered leader Malcolm X, not a police bullet.

There’s no baptism by gunfire. 

Blake, Floyd and Taylor are victims of their own bad decision-making coupled with the flawed decision-making of police. In a righteous society, bad decisions do not create heroes. They spawn victims and losers. The New York Times story referenced earlier in this piece spells out how Taylor couldn’t escape her awful decision to date and assist a career drug dealer. His problems became her problems. 

But white-liberal-controled black culture celebrates black drug dealers and black criminality. We all loved Avon Barksdale, Stringer Bell, Marlo Stanfield and Bodie Broadus in my favorite show The Wire, a journalistic look at America’s drug war. The Wire was the gateway drug for Power, a show that treats its drug kingpin, “Ghost,” like a superhero character.

It’s where we are in modern society. The bad guys are really the good guys.

Barack Obama cozied up to Jay Z the same way Joe Biden snuggled with Cardi B. Now the NFL is in bed with Black Lives Matter and plans to honor Jacob Blake more enthusiastically than black men and women who spent their lives achieving greatness. 

It’s all a failure of leadership. Roger Goodell and Troy Vincent want to save their jobs, huge salaries and protect their safety more than they want to do what’s right for the NFL and our country. 

They don’t want the violent BLM and Antifa protesters outside their homes, offices and stadiums. They fear the possibility of the social media mob calling for their removal because they know their corporate allies in the media and business sector won’t stand on principle either. 

Cowardice-2020 is the real pandemic.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Great Article.

    What these politicians and corporate leaders don’t understand is the base of BLM don’t care about their shrines. They represent a capitalistic society that represses blacks according to them. The only upside to feeding an alligator is that it will eat you last.

  2. Hey Jason,
    Roger Goodmantle: “Confronting recent systemic racism…”.
    He’s taking on the mantle of virtue, and courage. His heart wants to explode he’s so filled with love and admiration for all the SJWs who’ve showed him the way.

    So it’s systemic, but it only just recently started? Thought it started 400 years ago…or was it 100,000 years ago when cave men from one area saw other cave men with different pelts and skins and right away thought they had hate in their hearts…confusing.

    Roger is a good man…you’d like him. He probably meant “recent racist acts”…kinda like Good Guy Joe Biden who got confused with that “100 years of Covid” line in his Pittsburg blather…Roger had “systemic” and “recent racist acts” in his head and the poor dear couldn’t keep it straight and muddled them both together.

    And it was imperative that he get “systemic” in there because that’s been the marxists buzz word. Like peanut butter and jelly…they just go together. Like how the leftist news media has a new buzz word every day on TV…”constitutional crisis” was a few weeks ago…”dark” was how every talking head on TV described the Republican Convention.

    • Exactly. Recent systemic racism means there were a bunch of laws just put into effect that are now unfair to people of a skin hue with a minority population. They are so far down the rabbit hole, they can’t even think straight.
      It’s hard to imagine how high Goodell’s approval rating was at the end of the 2020 Draft to where it is now.

    • Jason the narrative keeps getting more and more woke. My fear is it is going to get worse before ever getting better. If truly “Black Lives Mattered”, then maybe we could see the names of innocent black children who died at the hands of a stray bullet on NFL helmets. I have many friends on both sides of the political aisle and I can not name one who is not disguised with Bigots Love Marxism and the looting & carnage of human life.
      Troy Vincent and all those others who profess they received their message of prayer though GOD, need to look long and hard. They will have to answer one day for their false narratives. Christian faith and values should not be taken lightly.

    • Douglas, I had never heard that quote by Peterson. Thanks for posting it……………..It’s amazing how so many people don’t understand the dangers of Marxism, the danger of giving a government too much control. By the very nature of humanity, and the manner in which power corrupts, it is inevitable that Marxism will produce evil. Do these younger generations think that there exists a group of “angelic” human beings to whom we should relinquish all control of our lives? It’s insanity…….. I pray that Whitlock’s readership continues to grow.

  3. The 2016 Kaepernick experiment proved the NFL’s customers (fans) are turned off by political showcases. Whether that showcase is right or wrong, helpful to a cause or not seems irrelevant from a business perspective. Why would they make a decision that has a history of costing them viewership?

    Is it just a gamble that the landscape/cultural acceptance of this stuff has changed since 2016 and viewers wont tune out? Is this potentially a political move with NFL clearly trying to bring in big corporate honchos like Jeff Bezos who coincidentally back Democratic party?

  4. And the NFL and NBA will continue to double down as ratings plunge and they turn off more and more fans. I love football but am dreading opening day as the talking heads will make it more about social justice than the actual games.

  5. Great column as usual, Jason!

    Clearly the NFL has not learned what happens when you mix Football with politics. It’s oil and water, they do not mix well, and they never will. On top of that, giving players the option to sit out games, in protest, is absolutely ridiculous. It is your job to show up and play football. If you want to play activist, do it on your own time, or do it full time and no longer play football. The choice is literally yours, because you live in the greatest country in the world that affords you that opportunity to make a decision for yourself.

    Sitting out in protest is the equivalent of a temper tantrum.

    If the professional leagues are going to continue to support their players, and the so called “cause”, I don’t want to see athletes sitting on their ass on a bench — get out into these communities, build institutions for those in need, donate your time and money to make a meaningful impact.

    • I agree. If these pampered millionaires really care about their communities, they need to do more than spout Marxist talking points. They need to roll up their sleeves and get to work. It’s gonna take time and money to make an impact. (Sadly I don’t think they really care)

      • Seriously. Roll up your sleeves & work, which is what all of us who watch sports do every single day. Which is why it is increasingly difficult to watch so many sports/teams/athletes right now who seem very detached from our reality. Most of us work to make a difference in the community & earn a paycheck. As a teacher, I can’t imagine sitting out work, knowing my job wouldn’t be done. I’m guessing these NFL athletes also get their paycheck when they sit out, which is mind-blowing.

  6. Thank you JW for holding accountable those who would use God for their own purposes.
    “I ask my Lord and savior Jesus Christ to allow me to be a bridge builder,” Vincent said. “And I try to stay on the premise of educating, whether that’s a player or a club owner. I just speak to humanity.”(Vincent)

    I believe this is what scripture refers to as Mocking God. “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” Gal 6:7

  7. Players have a right to say whatever they like to include whatever might be disagreeable to me. That however, is not the case in the NFL. There is no doubt black and white players have the same concerns about BLM as Jason has expressed so well; these players are put in a position to remain silent. If they speak up, they will be roundly attacked by sports media, league leadership, and the social media mob.

    The NFL will open to very poor ratings. As we get accustomed to not spending time with football, they will not improve. Sadly the SJW have out flanked the NFL in the war on football. SJWs have maneuvered the NFL into self destruction. An industry that has made so many black millionaires will be a shell of itself and less opportunity will be there for the players.

  8. Goodell is soft and weak not a leader just goes with whatever the flavor of the day is. Thanks Jason always enjoy your perspective i can just relate to your common sense writings BTW i am wearing my Whitlock Mafia Boss tee super cool and comfy!

  9. JW, another 4 bagger my man! Goodell gets paid $40 mil a year by the owners of the league to peal off a turd on their laps. Weak ass owners and a weak ass Goodell equals weak ass ratings. See yah NFL y’all need a history lesson.

    • Over the past three weeks or so, when there was absolutely nothing to watch on the tube, all social media’d out, everything done inside and out, and there, right in front of me, a couple NBA games. Including playoffs.
      Just went to the comedy or history channels, maybe Turner Classic. Anything but the NBA.
      And I love basketball, from the Celtics/Lakers with Jerry West and Bill Russel, et al, .
      Now, when NFL comes on, probably the same.

  10. So what exactly are the tangible steps the NFL doing to create “real sustainable change”? We’d love to know.

    Goodell’s entire statement is nothing but a bunch of weasel words. We have a game we play when listening to such speeches: BS bingo.

  11. Goodell was criticized a couple years ago, when his base salary for one year alone was $40 million, so he took a pay cut and changed how he earns from the league.

    Now he gets a piece of the action. The new action. So Goodell is just what Whitlock explains above. He is now a year to year – get rich in bonuses and new revenue deals etc … he makes more now than ever.

    He’s not alone. Every Big 10 conference executive in and out of sports are doing the same thing.

    Every sports agent is doing the same thing.

    Every Coach and Player is doing it.

    Nobody seems to care about the Big Picture. Jason is spot on again.

  12. JW kills it again.

    It’s a sad state the country is in and most of the reasons why are bad policies caused by White Guilt.

    What happens is that liberals feel guilty and do whatever it takes to make themselves feel better and not what actually solves things.

  13. Jason, I just finished watching your YouTube “American Sports Are Letting Down America”. That stream and this article get right down to the hard truths which are so important to hear. I keep hearing over and over about systemic racism in America. A lot of these comments come from leaders in cities such has New York, Chicago, Baltimore, and Portland. These cities have primarily been under long term Democratic rule and the problems continue to get worse. My father was a Democrat. He was a WWII veteran, and a hard working blue collar patriot. The Democratic Party has been taken over by radical progressives. It appears to me everything they touch leads to a negative outcome. In a recent column you quoted Malcolm X and his views on white liberals. He made a valid point.

  14. Cowardice of character amongst many in the NFL. No surprise here. Members of the league have an elevated status in the media because of what they do for a living. It’s also easy because you can go on your twitter feed to express outrage and uninformed opinion about these various incidents. Once this is done, there is rarely any substantive action being taken by many of these same individuals.

    Since the end of May in Chicago there have been nearly 150 murders that have occurred during the weekends with nary a peep from anyone in if the NFL.

    What the NFL and other pro sports leagues have really proven through all of this is that they are the textbook definition of “non-essential” and unserious.

  15. Not that I’m a Dallas Cowboy fan, where in the “heck” is Jerry when you need some down home, shoot from hip comments? Mr. Goodell got tired of fighting for what’s right and wrong and will continue to collect his 30 mil per year or more and ride off into the upper east side sunset.
    When society starts to tear down statues and martyr felons just because of skin color I’m afraid the “divide” between us will continue grow exponentially.

  16. Great Article.

    They have sold their souls, and when the Devil comes to collect lookout. We all know that the cancel culture waits for no one. It will be only a matter of time that the NFL will need to make a disciplinary decision on a black player, and while they think that they will get a pass b/c of how they kneeled to the alter of BLM, the joke will be on them! They will be SOL. Then they will have nowhere to go since they alienated the fanbase with aligning with a Marxist organization. If you don’t think they are Marxist, check out and do some research on Thousand Currents and their COB Susan Rosenberg.

    Keep up the great work, Jason!

  17. It’s a delicious irony…one of the great Founders of our Country, Benjamin Franklin, famously said:
    “We must all hang together, or most assuredly, we will all hang separately.” As you know, he was referencing nothing less than the creation of a new Nation. These were men with spines the likes of which we haven’t seen lately.
    Our so called Pro Sports Czars, and their 123 franchise owners, all took the zoom call. Most assuredly, they weren’t nearly as eloquent as Mr. Franklin but they all got the picture. We can give thanks that we’re only talking sports.

  18. Whelp. I guess I won’t be watching NFL this year. I’ll just watch their ratings tank again. If there’s anything this pandemic has taught me, it’s that there’s other stuff to do and other stuff to watch. Bring on college football along with curling and throw in some pickle ball.

  19. So Jason, what do we do? I love the NFL, but I don’t think I can watch if there is mass kneeling during the anthem and advancing BLM propaganda. It seems like the only thing we can do is boycott the NFL but that is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. And when did black people in America become their own country? I’m pissed off.

    • They did have a “no knock” warrant so their entry was completely legal. Shots were fired from Breona’s boyfriend first then police returned fire and she was caught in the crossfire. Boyfriend claims that they didn’t identify themselves, the police said they did but all agree boyfriend shot first. Whether or not we do away with no knock warrants (developed to have the element of surprise because suspect may be dangerous or could destroy evidence), they entered the house with a 100% legal warrant. Tragic for Breona but arguably this is the boyfriends fault: 1. For being a drug dealer. 2. For shooting at police. Big takeaway don’t hang out with drug dealers as bad things will eventually happen.

  20. Whitlock, and Travis, feel like the lone voices of reason in the sports wilderness. Whitlock’s ability to grock the woke sports BS is so refreshing and important. Not to mention brave.

    If Outkick would just update scores real-time I’d likely never visit another sports site. Well, except the UFC forces me to have an ESPN+ subscription. Maybe someday in the near future.

  21. Jason — Magnificent stuff but I’m concerned that you’re just preaching to the choir. We Outkickers agree with you 100%. But is your message reaching beyond us.? I know you’ve been on Fox shows but haven’t see much coverage of your views anywhere else.

    How can you spread your message to the black community at large? They seem unaware of the BLM platform that calls for the end of the nuclear family and the acceptance of socialism. BLM proponents seem totally focused on the singular issue of police misconduct. How could Roger Goodell not know r the complete BLM platform?

    • Hey Herb…been thinking the same thing for a while now. Jason needs to get syndicated so he’s not preaching to the choir and to some twitter followers. It would only help OUTKICK’s brand.

      Some of the best writers, including Pulitzer winners, are syndicated throughout the country. Jason is more than capable of multi-tasking…or at least writing and chewing gum at the same time. (The mayor of NYC, Comrade DeBlasio, famously said he could do both…and proved himself wrong.)

      I’m sure some organization would love to have him.

    • Herb, I’m telling everyone I know that they should read Whitlock’s columns and listen to him on podcasts. I’m also gonna buy some of the shirts they sell to help get the word out about OutKick. We can get the word out and we can win this culture war! (but as Jason says, when I pass along BLM101 columns, I do so without snark. it is hard speaking with people these days. You never know who has TDS. I don’t even mention trump when I pass along Jason’s ideas. I just mention that Jason is someone who actually cares about black lives, and leave it a that. I then leave it to Jason’s column to deliver the message)

      • I agree on Whitlock expanding the brand. It is sorely needed. I too have been spreading Outkick to as many people as possible. My boss and I actually talk about it nearly every day.
        The NFL needs to suffer financially and they will and then I believe they will change their tune. Money talks. Here’s hoping that this time next year sanity is restored.

      • God bless you, Herb, for your enthusiasm…the marxist left has had a 50 year head start, and it was those children of a lesser God who’s handiwork we are now feeling first hand. Rush tried to stem the tide when Ronald Reagan was in the Oval. If Rush couldn’t do it then, how can we prevail (rhetorical). What you wish for Jason…well Rush HAD that platform x 100…and yet the trend is not our friend.

  22. “It’s a lack of principle-based, unselfish, masculine leadership. It’s a failure of men, an en-masse surrender to a secular culture that pursues status, wealth and power by any means necessary.”

    Jason, with brilliant brevity you TOTALLY exposed and explained the REAL PROBLEM with these sports “leaders.” These two “men” are NO LEADERS AT ALL.

    So well said. Thank you!
    I am hungering for this kind of honest and fearless perspective.

  23. The fans will help clarify things for NFL leaders as soon as they see what happens when they start their pregame BLM worship service and follow it up with their blessed sacrament of kneeling during our anthem. The mass exodus of viewers this will trigger may get the message through their concrete encased skulls that their customers by in large are sick of the offensive sideshows. Or maybe not. We will have to see how much economic pain they can endure first I suppose.

    It’s going to be a sad shame to watch this league collapse under the weight of wokeness. You get woke, you go broke…yes, even you NFL.

  24. POWERFUL column!!!! Why pro sports athletes talk about black on black crimes. Those people died innocently. How about their lives? BLM marxism theory. They hate GOD. Big rich corporations should donate to John Ponder organization in Las Vegas. The real organization helps people. They are many such as Woodson foundation.

  25. More power to anyone who wants to swallow a gallon of social justice poison just to watch an NFL game. Truth be told, the game experience has been eroding for years. Watching intellectual robots (pawns) run around and virtue signal in empty stadiums is enough for this 50-year NFL fan to close the book for now. It’s not that important.

  26. I’ve given up on professional sports. I don’t think I’ll ever watch another game. Maybe one day when the crazies have wised up…..but probably not even then. I’m a VIP because I really enjoy the reportage provided by Clay and Travis, and others. Keep up the great work guys.

  27. Great article and I love this site (joined less than a week ago)!

    Professional sports are dying and I could care less. I’ve stopped watching the NFL a few years ago and use the time to get yardwork done or ride my bike which are much more productive. They can do whatever they want but it won’t involve me.

  28. Great article as always Jason ! I always thought I could turn a blind eye when it comes to sports and politics but these leagues are making it almost impossible now . I just struggle to wrap my head around what is happening in North America, I say this because it’s getting just as bad now living in Canada with these progressive Liberals .
    I have already stopped watching the NBA all together and I think I’m done with the NFL and other leagues that are going in this direction . I yearn for the good ol days when sports was just sports !

  29. I went to a BLM riot and a football game broke out. Can someone get all the Big 10 and Pac 12 players that won’t be playing this fall and start a new professional football league that stays neutral on political matters? I won’t be watching NFL this fall.

  30. Don’t forget that Goodell and Troy Vincent works for NFL owners such as Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft,
    the Rooneys etc. that will sell out our country for an extra buck.
    All NFL owners are for the marxist BLM that works in conjunction with Antifa.
    They are similar to the Hollywood celebs that can afford to preach to us because they have theirs.

  31. Don’t forget that Goodell and Troy Vincent works for NFL owners such as Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft,
    the Rooneys etc. that will sell out our country for an extra buck.
    All NFL owners are for the marxist BLM that works in conjunction with Antifa.
    They are similar to the Hollywood celebs that can afford to preach to us because they have theirs.
    The NFL owners ride the same train as all the white virtue signaling clowns in the sports media.

  32. It takes courage and character to go against the prevailing winds of the social justice warriors and those institutions that are buying into this non-sense. The easiest thing to do is “go along to get along” that is what the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. are doing ; after all, no one wants to be called a racist. Once your deemed a racist , how can you prove otherwise? It’s like the proverbial unanswerable question: “Have you stopped beating your wife?” that in 2020 is: “Have you stopped being a racist?” These SJW’s along with a willing media put people on their heals and on the defensive because of their uninformed, uneducated, and warped view of American history … You Jason Whitlock are courageous and a man of integrity and character. We need more men like you to stand up and speak with reason, logic, facts, and with strength and humility as well. Great article and I joined today as a VIP because I’ve been watching and reading your great work lately. There’s more of us out here then the Leftist think.

  33. Jason, you have the courage of 10 men, world class skills and the wisdom of everyone’s grandparents.

    Goodell said. “Confronting recent systemic racism with tangible and productive steps is absolutely essential. We will not relent in our work. We will redouble our efforts to be catalysts for the urgent and sustainable change that our society and communities so desperately need. …”

    No where does Goodell muster the nuts to speak the truth that we have a “Systemic Fatherless-ness” problem that is benignly promoted by pro athletes ( and quietly by their leagues) with their fatherless children populating away cities across the country… Certainly just a drop in the bucket of the fatherless problem, but the players and leagues could focus on fathers rather than acting like this is not a thing.

    Major league sports or athletes could show true virtue and nuts…but they won’t and the problem gets worse and in the end it is the problem…

  34. Well said Tim, that Goodell statement reeks of platitudes – tangible and productive steps, redouble our efforts to be catalysts, sustainable change. Its like reading a book report from a smart student who didn’t read the book, just throw enough bullshit against the wall that some of it is bound to stick.

    No one focus on the real issue, just keep buying giant diamond earrings, banging strippers, and drinking Hennessey. Nothing’s a problem till the money runs out. Then you get to move from penthouse to the penitentiary.

  35. OK. We all know that NFL is promoting divisive and destructive lies here. What are we doing about this? Complain and yet continue watching NFL (e.g. enable its lies? No, the least every one of us can do is to boycott NFL.

  36. In the end, it will have changed nothing for the better, and leave professional sports and their value to our society in an historic dust bin.
    Submitting to this form of blackmail will only lead to more demands, and no resolution of any meaningful kind.
    If BLM actually succeeds in its efforts to transform America, professional sports, as these young black men currently know it, will be a thing of the past. Their lifestyles, a thing of the past.
    And the freedom they are so hypocritically using to get their way, long, long, gone.

  37. Jason the NFL is going to lose money this year. Mainly because of the China virus. If players go on with the Marxist BLM Communist movement it will destroy the NFL .With social media ,Twitter and the social justice warrior the players will be led like sheep to the slaughter .If I was an owner I be looking to cell my team .While the NFL is still King . Before this is over the player will have work stoppages games will be canceled ratings will be cut in half player will lose money . BLM will tell the player the owners are Racist. The NFL will go by the wayside .And there will be less black millionaires.
    The white running the BLM Movement are Marxist. Karl Marx was a real racist

  38. Great article as always, agree with everything except your take on Tupac. Tupac was far from perfect but I do believe he was falsely accused of sexual assault and unfairly convicted. I also think his lyrics were originally meant to be uplifting but he became to caught up in all the bs when he got involved with Suge Knight. At any rate, he looks like a saint compared to today’s mainstream rappers.
    Other than that everything else I agree completely. Thank you for always being truthful with your opinions and facts.

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